Web_xcdalynet_3313DALYSTON Football and Netball Club juniors received a special visit recently from Melbourne Vixen and Australian Diamond netballer Madison Browne. The centre court player attended a club training session to deliver the V/Line Life Training program in the club rooms.
V/Line Life Training is an educational and motivational program for young people aged 14 to 18 years.

It encourages Victorian youths to ‘Stay True’ to themselves, their values and their goals.  Madison specifically spoke to the Dalyston youngsters about the use of alcohol and the consequences it can have. Every year more than 20 Life Training sessions are held throughout country Victoria and over six years more than 12,000 teenagers have gone through the program. The program focuses on life skills that are integral to positive development, such as goal setting, identifying support networks, and most importantly the true impact and consequences of the choices made in life.  In the sessions, young people are also provided with the tools and knowledge needed to make informed decisions when confronted by common societal issues such as youth mental health, body image and self-esteem, bullying, and the implications of alcohol and drug use.