Web_Were-not-customersI appreciate the hard work that people working for Bass Coast Shire Council do, but I have a small quibble. Every time I go to the council offices in Wonthaggi, I have to follow a sign that says ‘Customer Service’. More often than not, I and the people in front of me in the queue are there to get information about or from the council. We are not looking for new and exciting ways to be parted with more money in addition to the rates we’ve already paid.

The term ‘Customer’ in its normal usage also implies a person who has a choice in which shop to purchase their goods or services. Although I accept that council is a business with an ABN, this is clearly not the case in this instance. I respectfully suggest a change in term from ‘Customer Service’ to ‘Information Desk’ or ‘Service Desk’, in line with other Civic institutions.

Andrew Orr, Inverloch.