Web_Acid-attackI read in the paper that a gang of men attacked a 62 year-old motorcyclist with acid on the South Gippsland Highway at Bena on Saturday.  Firstly, let’s correct that shall we; the paper should have read a ‘gang of males’, because men don’t behave like that! Just because a male reaches a certain age doesn’t make him a man; a man respects everyone as an individual until given a valid reason not to.  ‘Men’ don’t need to hang around in gangs licking at the lips for the leader’s attention – that’s what dogs do!

Love them or hate them, motorcyclist bring a lot of business to many of the towns in South Gippsland, and I feel confident in saying that the majority of them are well behaved and polite and are welcome in many of the town’s business such as Kelly’s Bakery and many other places. Any business owners, Kelly’s, feel free to contradict me here if I’m wrong.  I have never agreed with, or understood the ‘gang mentality’. I grew up in an era when if one man had an issue with another, they would sort it out one on one and if either stuck the boot in, he would be disowned by his mates for being a dog; your friends and mates were there to support you morally and emotionally, not to help you in a one on one fight – that would prove nothing other than you really were less of a man than the other bloke.

I’m sincerely hoping the ‘gang of men’ involved in the attack on a grandfather riding his motorcycle last Saturday are caught and dealt with appropriately before they start attacking grannies as well. If the ‘gang’ had any balls they would hand themselves in and face whatever consequences they have coming, as men do! I hope the old fella that was attacked gets well soon so he and his grandchildren can get back to playing together. I hope these males are feeling so proud of themselves, because I believe anyone who read the article in the paper or hears about this incident will be disgusted with them.
R Smith, Korumburra