Web_m443813secondsJUST one man, Jordan Myors, was left standing when the Korumburra-Bena Reserves lined up for their six consecutive grand final in the Alberton league last weekend, so far without success. On Saturday, however, with a different set of mates he finally claimed the ultimate prize. There was to be no last second goal, no solitary point to rob them of the cup this time but that’s not to say it was easy.

At half time in the match, just three points separated Korumburra-Bena and Dalyston and there was the whiff of some new controversy in the air that might have been about to rob coach Jimmy Kyle and his team of that elusive premiership. The scores were as good as even, two goals apiece, when Korumburra-Bena came out at the start of the second quarter and appeared to have put their stamp on the contest with three quick goals. They went bang, bang, bang through the brilliant Matt Edwards, Nathan Cant and Murray Fleming on the run to wrest control of the game but oh dear, it then threatened to go pear-shaped for a desperate Burra-Bena outfit. David Pruysers of Dalyston took a great mark near goal before kicking a much-needed six-pointer and soon after, you had to wonder if the Bulldogs were about to self-destruct when Nathan Cant had a brain fade at full back. Taking the kick-in after a Dalyston point, he was called to play-on by field umpire Kane Pepperell but without touching the ball to his boot, he retreated through the goals under pressure from Dalyston’s Rob Birnie.
While the crowd hotly debated the interpretation of the rules, Pepperell awarded Birnie a free kick at point-blank range and he calmly went back and slotted through the easiest of goals.

Pepperell is the same umpire who correctly awarded the free kick which cost Korumburra-Bena the premiership last year and again he correctly adjudicated on the rules this time. But adding insult to injury, Dalyston’s Boyle scored another goal soon after following a relayed free kick. All Korumburra-Bena’s good work had been undone by the main break and while they’d generally looked the better side, it was very much game on at half time. However, the confusion did not signal a Dalyston revival. With a fine mark and goal, Matt Edwards stretched the Bulldogs’ lead in the first minute after the restart. Dalyston responded with Shannon Coldebella and Mark Boyle working well up forward. Good defensive work by Jordie Myors held them up momentarily but when Jason Wilson was caught with the ball soon after, Sam Kuyper got the ball forward to Boyle who kicked a ripped with a check-side shot. Unfortunately for Dalyston, it was pretty much all Korumburra-Bena from that point onwards with the coach’s brother Peter Kyle and the league’s best and fairest player Dylan Muir leading the charge. Everyone it seemed wanted a piece of the action; Danny Myors, the coach himself inspirational, Ty Lucas, Jason Wilson always busy, Murray Fleming, Tom Sorrell and all the rest. Matt Edwards cleared a path for Lucas to start their run with a goal and Edwards was again prominent, marking strongly before setting up Dylan Muir for the next.

Dalyston tried to hold back the tide with Boyle being the go-to man and the likes of Alexander, Wilkinson, Davey and Birnie active but with Jason Wilson doing it at both ends, the Maggies couldn’t get anything started. When Jim Kyle marked the kick-in after a point and earned a 50 metre penalty, the resulting goal restored their three-goal buffer and the most-talked about hoodoo in local footy seemed about to be broken. It was Korumburra-Bena by five goals when Kant and Fleming combined for the next one; Fleming’s shot curving in beautifully with the breeze for a major. In a scramble on the Dalyston forward line, Pruysers snapped a nice goal for the Pies but with Muir and Peter Kyle running riot, there was plenty of opportunity for answering goals – Fleming and James Fowles applying the exclamation mark with two more at the end of the term. However, during his final address to the players, coach Kyle wasn’t taking the foot off the accelerator. “Get the ball going our way at all costs, you’ve got the chance to create history now. I don’t know about you blokes but I haven’t slept all week waiting for this. “No one wanted to play when we started off this year but you guys did and now your destiny is in your hands.”

After the restart, Muir passed to Edwards for the first of five goals in the last quarter and while Dalyston also got three in a free-flowing finish; there was no stopping the rampant, super-hungry Bulldogs. Interestingly enough it was two former Stony Creek Senior Premiership players, Matt Cook and Murray Fleming, who combined to kick the sealer half-way through and the players who had endured the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune could finally afford to enjoy the closing moments without the drama that has dogged their efforts over the past six years. And the man who had endured most, Jordie Myors was relieved and delighted at the end. “This feels awesome. Well worth the wait!” he said. Final score: Korumburra-Bena 17.10.112 def Dalyston 10.6.66