Web_xecovillage5THE Cape Paterson Ecovillage project team and builders are hosting a public launch and detailed briefing on the project on Sunday, September 22 at 11am at the RACV Resort, Inverloch. In addition, the Ecovillage Sales and Information Centre is now open at the Ecovillage site on Seaward Drive Cape Paterson between 11am and 2pm every Saturday and Sunday. Future residents can now visit the information centre and choose from a number of home sites from Banksia Release Stage 1.

Project Director Brendan Condon said today: “We are looking forward to briefing the local community on all elements of this national benchmark project. All houses are designed to have common-sense sustainability features, produce their own energy and water, will be very comfortable in all weather, and have low running costs.” “A range of architectural designs have been made free to our future residents, or you can work with our builders to design and construct a beautiful sustainable house to your requirements on any home site in the village “There are many features unique to the Ecovillage including over 50 per cent open space, kilometres of walking and cycling paths, and restored habitat and wetlands. “Future community gardens, sports precinct and a café are also planned for the village. Surf beaches and safe swimming beaches are within a short walk from the Ecovillage, without the need to crossing roads.”

Ecovillage Director Brendan Condon also said: “We believe the project is great value and is priced to sell. We have priced the home sites with be equivalent in price to good quality home sites in the existing township of Cape Paterson, while Ecovillage home sites will have all the additional benefits of the open space and community facilities.” “All the upfront work done by our builders and designers has largely removed the cost premiums that would normally be associated with high quality sustainable houses. “We believe people will be pleasantly surprised at the affordability of the homes. So far we have had solid interest from a broad range of locals including families, tradespeople, local professionals, and anyone looking to live in attractive quality, comfortable houses with low running costs.”

Positive development
Trevor Bowler, Director of TS Constructions, also welcomed official commencement of the project. “We have been looking forward to starting construction of the sustainable homes at the Ecovillage for some time. We think this housing project is the way of the future, the sustainability features are affordable and the residents of these homes will be the ones who benefit from all the hard work done to date.” “TS Constructions have been preparing for the launch of the project by placing our staff through relevant training including the Master Builders Green Living Course, and we have contributed to the designs and guidelines of the project. “TS Constructions plan to build our own demonstration house in Stage 1 of the project.” Brendan Condon continued: “We look forward to seeing interested Bass Coast residents at the launch at the RACV, to find out more about the project. If you are very keen to secure your home site at the Ecovillage, feel free to call our team on 1800-701-471 or email us at info@capepatersonecovillage.com.au, or visit the onsite information centre at Seaward Drive Cape Paterson each weekend between 11am and 2pm any weekend from now to Summer.