Web_m023713HAY fever, election fever or finals fever? By the time the decks are cleared of distractions this spring, experienced local real estate agent, John O’Connor, believes it’s going to be on! He’s talking about a dramatic upswing in buyer interest in real estate and he’s already seeing a change in sales conditions.

“We can definitely see it, yes. In the past week or two, especially with a change in the weather, there have been a lot more people looking,” said Mr O’Connor of Stockdale and Leggo in Korumburra. “Some pretty savvy owners have sensed it too and we’ve done several appraisals in the past week. That’s because spring time is definitely a whole new season for real estate and it’s a great time to sell.” Mr O’Connor said a reasonable clearance of properties, right across the board, in the past few months, had left minimal stocks in some categories which means it’s a great time to get your place spruced up and on to the market. “A significant number of our sales are made to people from out of town which is why the Stockdale and Leggo network is so useful in generating referrals and also exposure for your property. “In our own group we have agencies at Korumburra, Leongatha, Inverloch, Wonthaggi, Cape Paterson and Mirboo North and, of course, we’re linked in with a network of 100 branches around the State.

“We have a system where anyone in these offices can deal with a Korumburra property which means your property is getting maximum exposure.” Mr O’Connor, who has consistently been one of the best performing agents in country Victoria, said there was another important indication of movement in the market. “The record low interest rates have so far been failing to woo the first home buyers but they have been attracting the investors who have accounted for 37 per cent of all new home financing across Victoria in the past month. “If they can see the value in it, it won’t be long before the market in general recognises it as well.” Mr O’Connor said there was still $10,000 available for first home buyers who built a new home, which was still nothing to be sneezed at and would make an ideal start for those interested in buying a block and building a house in the new Hidden Haven Estate, off MacQueen Avenue, right in the heart of Korumburra. “We’ve got blocks there starting at $99,000 which is great value and those that buy in there and pop a nice home on it will have a very good investment which they can’t help but do well out of.” But he said it’s also important to have a wide selection of properties for would-be buyers to look at.

His colleague at Stockdale and Leggo, Harry Anderson agrees. “We have a lot of call for houses on a few acres around the town and also for nice, tidy family homes in Korumburra. “Those with something to sell really want to be up and going by the end of the footy finals locally when the weather’s better and people have more time on their hands to be out looking. “After a week like we’ve just had, it’s clear that interest is really starting to hot up.” Mr O’Connor said Harry had really added a new dimension to the business. “Harry has been with us for 12 months now and he’s really settled in well. He’s an agent with honesty and integrity in his dealings with clients which is what I’m on about too,” Mr O’Connor said. “We’re not saying the market is on the rise dramatically but we have certainly seen a marked increase in interest with the result that quite a bit has been sold. “Now’s the time to come into the market in my view, with something to sell, confident in the knowledge that there are, and will continue to be, a lot of people looking in the next few weeks and months. “Finally, we’re starting to get some clear air and now’s the time when people will start to look ahead to buying or relocating and that’s when you want to be there with something to sell,” he said.