Web_Electorate-needs-changeWe moved to the Bass Coast from Melbourne about three and half years ago. It has been the best thing we ever did as the area is so beautiful. The purpose of this letter is to suggest that the name of the Federal Electorate of McMillan be changed to a name more appropriate to our area. Angus McMillan was an explorer and pioneer pastoralist in Gippsland. He was elected to the parliament of Victoria.

Angus McMillan is also known for being an instigator of many of the massacres against the Aboriginal peoples in the Gippsland area – in 1840 Nutin, 1840 Boney Point, 1841 Butchers Creek, 1841 Maffra, 1843 Warragul Creek and the list goes on. I find it amazing that we honour Angus McMillan by giving him the name of our electorate. In my option this is not appropriate as it insults our Aboriginal brothers and sisters. Perhaps we could name the electorate after the Kurnai.

Frank Schooneveldt, Wonthaggi.