Web_fight-to-saveOn Friday, September 27 I peddled my way around Toora delivering mail and dodging magpies.  A job I have happily and hopefully most would say, reliably performed rain hail or shine in conjunction with my colleagues, for the best part of the last 12 years. On Sunday, September 29 I attended a staff get together where to my dismay and disappointment my colleagues and myself were informed that our employment had been terminated effective immediately.

This decision was not made by our employers nor was it a decision based on poor performance or shoddy work practices. No. This decision was one made by Australia Post who, in all their wisdom deemed us local employees no longer suitable to fulfil our work requirements. Instead a Melbourne based company would be responsible for the sorting and delivery of local mail hence we lose our jobs to strangers. My question is simply this: what gives Australia Post the right to take away our incomes and possibly our livelihood when we have done nothing wrong and give our jobs to someone else?

The taking over of this local mail contract will be detrimental to the survival of the Toora Post Office effectively putting a hard working dedicated family out of business. Having worked at the Toora Post Office for such a long time we, as a team, are not just workmates we’re also very close friends. We can only hope Australia Post reconsider their decision and reinstate us to do the jobs we have all performed professionally and efficiently for such a long time. We don’t deserve to be treated this way. Employment in small country towns is difficult enough to find without having it snatched away with no apparent reason.  At the end of the day we as workers stand to lose much more than Australia Post stand to gain over this decision. Therefore we need to rally together and object loudly to this unjust and unfair behaviour by Australia Post. Please join us in our fight to save our Toora Post Office. Who knows? Your job could be the next one targeted.

Maxine Stevenson, ex-Toora Post Office employee, Toora