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By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

JUST when you thought it couldn’t get any windier along came Thursday with westerlies that peaked at over 40 knots making it impossible to fish just about anywhere. Friday and Saturday weren’t a whole lot better with very strong winds still and a bit more rain thrown in.  While looking out the window on Thursday, we saw waves well over one metre under the bridge, making it look more like a surf beach and even joggers crossing the bridge had to walk and hang onto the rail! I had a couple of people wander in asking where would be the best spot to fish for the day.

Thinking they were land based I started telling them places that might be a bit protected but to my amazement he then pointed out his small boat that was parked up the road telling me he meant boating spots.  It wasn’t until they asked for a daily boat ramp ticket that I realized he wasn’t joking, at which point I asked if they had actually checked the weather forecast. The reason they gave me was it was the only chance to have a fish and were planning to go regardless; luckily at the same time, we had one of the strongest gusts for the day and the rattling of the shop front windows and roof changed their mind. Not long after that a report came over the radio that somebody was rescued in Port Phillip Bay because their boat had overturned.

While accidental or unavoidable situations occur, I have no sympathy for anybody who puts themselves in an avoidable position especially when it comes to common sense.  I have plenty of sympathy for those who have to go out and rescue these people as they are forced to put themselves in dangerous situations often due to stupidity. If you are unsure of the safety of the conditions where you are heading, look up the closest tackle shop and give them a call as they will have the best knowledge of the local area. But at the end of the day I guess you just have to work out what value you put on catching a fish.


Several customers have been in looking for the Shimano white squid jigs that have been out of stock for quite some time now but I have been told they are doing another run of them and should be available about mid-October. I have ordered quite a few but obviously won’t know how many they send me till they get here and judging on the orders I already have I will need the full order to have any on the shelf.  Much of our new season stock is in and while not a lot of new things in the market this season, we have increased our stock again with some new products. Now is a good time to sort out your new rod or reel before things become too hectic.  It’s also a good time to start thinking of Christmas presents. One thing that has now come in and was very popular last time we had them is the Marttiini kitchen knife sets. We also have a few gift pack Marttiini knife sets, carving sets, barbecue set and a couple of fillet sets for the fisherman.


As for the fishing this week obviously there was very little to report from the end of the week but earlier last week there were several good fish caught.  Quite a few snapper were reported with some quality amongst them and although most managed something, the average per boat is still down. Customers showed me plenty of photos of snapper, unfortunately none of which I can share as they have asked me not to and as you would expect for this time of the year they were big fish. Several of the fish were around the 6kg and a couple that would have nudged 8kg but the best was a 14.5kg monster. Where were they caught?  In the bay was the answer I was given. I had other reports of snapper with the same pattern as previous weeks, smaller fish towards Rhyll and bigger fish towards Lang Lang. Although the ones at Rhyll were smaller, most were still well over size and, many around the 4kg mark.  Pilchard and fresh caught squid or salmon the best of the baits.
Paternoster, running sinker or snapper snatcher didn’t seem to matter this week with none standing out more than the other.


Not a lot in whiting reports this week however those that were reported finally showing signs for a promising season with big fish out doing undersized ones.  Not big numbers and few people making double figures in the fish bin but there was no complaint of the quality of the fish this week.  From the reports it seemed the closer you got to Reef Island the smaller the fish became and you were struggling to get size ones. The best of the whiting this week came from Tortoise Head and the Rhyll side of the top light at Newhaven on the edge of the bank.  There were a few from below the bridge but after losing rigs to couta, most moved up the bay.


Calamari numbers and size was steady from the boats and the land and a few reports came from Dickies Bay as well. The best reports of calamari came from Cleeland Bight from the buoys to the sand hill and in close, within casting distance. Most told me the further from shore you were, the more couta there were – all of which seem to have expensive tastes, cutting off $30 jigs with ease. Numbers were steady from San Remo Jetty when they were there but again the weed in the water made fishing for them difficult.

Web_xdsnapperTightlines by King George
A GOOD run of excellent fishing conditions has seen good bags being taken, which is good news but the weather gods decided it was time for change and we were back to winter in a flash.
Surf: The fishing was all right early in the week when conditions were benign and salmon were being bagged off most beaches but that all changed on Thursday.  Since then there have not been any reports to King George but hopefully the conditions will improve.

Inverloch: The water is now a dirty brown colour after cleaning up after more winter rains.  Outside the entrance there have been good numbers of dusky and tiger flathead making up impressive bags.  There have also been very good numbers of salmon being bagged on surface lures and natural baits.  The area around Flat Rocks has also been where very good size silvers and whiting have been bagged but mainly by those who know where to drop anchor. Around this time of year there also quite good size gar fish that will make an appearance and should stick around for the warmer months. Boaters and land-based anglers have been doing well on salmon, silvers and whiting just inside the entrance. The best time seems to be at low water on both sides of the tide.

Shallow Inlet: Like many other places near the coast, the erratic weather – especially the wind, has proven to be a frustrating time for boaters. Land based anglers have managed to a certain extent. When conditions have allowed there have been some good bags of fish taken. Even at this early stage there are reports of whiting being taken which is good news.  True, there can be a bit of water mixed in with them but the signs are good even though the water temperature is still down at the winter level. Salmon are also in good numbers as is usually the case at this time of year as well as quality size silvers and flathead, which makes a visit to this part of the world well worthwhile. Even though there have not been any reports of snapper taken from outside the entrance there is probably a good reason – the weather, but hopefully that will slowly change.

Port Welshpool:  When conditions have allowed there has been a mixture of fish being caught off the jetties with best results being on the run in tide. Flathead, silvers and mullet have also been caught in quite good numbers.

Corio Bay: Making an early start along the west side of the Wilson Spit on Sunday, Murray Scott, Carl Alexander and Alex Andjelkovic landed their first snapper shortly after 5am. They scarcely had time to admire their catch before another rod wrapped over, followed by yet another, and then a third. As it turned out, all the three anglers caught the same fish, which had taken all three baits. By mid-morning they’d caught eight snapper averaging well over 7kg, the biggest turning the scales at 9.2 kg. Fishing in front of the Mountain View Quarries from 4am Saturday, Adam Tenadii soon had a burley trail going. The action was not long in coming either as he landed a gummy shark of just on a metre and a number of flathead including a beauty of 67cm. Many thanks to Geoff Wilson for this report.

Port Albert: The weather has been hit and miss as to be expected at this time of year but Josh Dessent who runs the local hotel opposite the foreshore says that the jetty has been worth a visit.  He says that salmon, silvers and flathead have been among the species of fish being landed.  He also says the run in tide has been the best time to wet a line and there has been plenty of squid making an appearance. An appearance maybe, but many are ignoring the presentations dangled in front of them for some reason. Maybe this will change shortly as the water temperatures rise.  Boaters have been doing alright when conditions allow where flathead have been the main fish being bagged.  There has been the odd early snapper along with gummies making an appearance and taking a variety of natural baits.

Lakes Entrance: Whiting, luderick and bream are about the town jetties. The surf is producing salmon; also salmon and trevally have been taken from the footbridge on blue bait.  Reeves Channel is also producing some nice salmon.

Lake Tyers: Black Snake Bight and right up to Nowa Nowa is good for bream and flathead with best results being on plastics and prawn. Also try Mud Island for whiting that have a preference for worm and live prawn under a float.

Mitchell River: From Grassy Banks and down to Two Bells, bream and estuary perch are taking worm, crab and soft plastics. Try upstream from Grassy Banks towards the butter factory.

Tambo River: From The Poplars and right down to Clues Bluff for bream, taking prawn and sandworm.

Nicholson: From The Reeds and up towards the Straight Six is a good spot for bream, best bait being sandworm and peeled prawn.

Metung: Good size bream from 36cm-41cm are being taken around the Lake King jetty. There are also some flathead cruising about. Shaving Point also has some flathead where best baits are prawn and pipi.

Paynesville: McMillan Strait is producing some mullet.
Newlands Arm has flathead cruising about.
Also there is bream under the church, bait of choice is prawn.

Hollands Landing: From Spoon Bay and down to the wood pile for best results for bream on prawn and worm.

Marlo: From the junction down to the Frenchs Narrows for luderick, bream and some flathead.
Best bait is prawn, pipi and worm.  The surf is also worth a try for gummies, salmon and the odd tailor.

Bemm River: Bream are out and about the lake and river, bait of preference is prawn. Luderick are in the channel-taking worm. Flathead are in the lake striking on plastics. The surf has salmon, which are chasing metal lures.

Tamboon: Plenty of good-sized bream are out and about chasing crab.  Bag limits have been reached. Salmon and tailor are being taken from the surf.Best bait is poppers, pilchard and blue bait.

Mallacoota: Salmon are being taken from the surf on lures and white/blue bait. Trolling is best in the channel with lures. Some yellow fin bream are being taken on the outgoing tide, taking nippers. Luderick on local weed are being taken from the main wharf.  Try Wallagaraugh River for flathead on lures.  Bream are coming down to Gipsy Point, best bait being nippers.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on snafu1@dcsi.net.au or 5672 3474. Good Luck and Tightlines.

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