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By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

To say fishing has been a bit difficult over the last month or so would be an understatement. Thanks to the thousands of litres flowing out of the Bass and Powlett rivers the bay is making the Yarra River look clean! While having strong tides can be difficult to fish in at times the big advantage is if the rain stops after a few tide changes its back to normal and while it looks dirty most of the time it is generally only the top 1/2m or so that is dirty and under that it is quite good.

The fishing reports as you would expect have been up and down a bit with not everybody being able to take advantage of the small windows during the week. The weekend was better with those getting out before the wind came up on Saturday morning doing well and the conditions were much better Sunday but the fishing was a bit slow.  With the conditions making boating at times all but impossible, several people have taken to chasing reds and gummies from the land and in particular Newhaven and Cowes jetties with some pleasing results.

Not too many people have been fishing for salmon from the surf lately but those who have been, mostly holiday makers and at especially the Phillip Island beaches, are catching a reasonable quantity of smaller ones. The beaches at Kilcunda have been a bit quieter but it has more to do with the beaches being difficult to fish because of all the weed that has been stirred up. There have been a couple of reports from the back of San Remo as well from off the rock wall with most being caught on lures. Nothing much to speak about in size and the best has been around 1.5kg.
Blue bait has been the best of the bait and lures with white in them around the 25 – 30 gram the best.

There was only one good evening of calamari from the jetty at San Remo during the week with more reported from the beach at Woolamai and a few reports starting from Ventnor.  While I did get a few reports they were still nothing to write home about with small calamari and low numbers.  It was only marginally better from the boats in Cleeland Bight with the colder conditions bringing a few more couta into the bay making it difficult at times to actually keep a jig in the water.  When the couta weren’t around there was plenty of weed but it won’t take long and things will clear up, the couta will head back out to sea and whiting and calamari will be plentiful.

We had the first reports of snapper in Cleeland Bight over the weekend however most of them came from kayaks rather than boats. Overall there were half a dozen or so reported over the weekend with the best we saw around 4kg.
The best spot in the bight was out towards the last light on the beach side with the others coming from near the last green pole on the edge of the channel.  There were a couple of gummies caught from in Cleeland as well but they were only small and all but one released. Although I didn’t have any reports of whiting from in Cleeland it will only be a matter of time now before they start to show up as the water warms up. Whiting mostly came from the top end of the bay around Reef Island and there was some quality fish amongst them but generally customers told me the sizes were mixed and the fish seemed to be very timid. Not many ventured into Dickies Bay because of the very dirty water with the weed more of a problem than the dirty water.  There were a few also caught around the top light on the bank and back in that area between the light and Reef Island. I also had two calamari caught from up there as well. Snapper reports for the rest of the bay generally were patchy and the best day for the week was Friday night into Saturday morning, where we had several good snapper around 5kg reported but once the wind really picked up, everything turned off. There was the odd fish caught during the week but only ones or twos and several pinkies under 1kg as well.
The snapper we saw were all very healthy and wide in the body, but almost every report said they bit like flathead and wasn’t till they were almost at the surface before they played up at all. The best part of the reports was the small amount of rubbish not reported with only a few Port Jacksons and a couple of cod.  Pilchard, squid and couta are the best of the baits for snapper. Corinella still the best place but I did see some nice ones from Silverleaves and the middle of the Corals.

Land based and the jetties are well worth the effort at the moment with another good snapper from Cowes this week,a couple of smaller ones from Newhaven and some gummies also caught from Newhaven. There were a couple more snapper lost from Newhaven and some big runs off Cowes, that from the description would suggest a seven gill shark or similar. Newhaven also produced a couple of flathead and the usual small salmon and eagle rays. I did hear of some undersized flathead and two calamari from Cowes Jetty.

Web_xdtight1Tightlines by King George
GOOD weather and conditions has seen the fishing vastly improve even though the water temperature is still fairly cold, but hopefully good bags will become more commonplace.

Surf:  There always seems to be something positive coming from the beaches when not much seems to happen in other places. Through the week, however King George received calls from a number of visitors who decided to try their luck off the beaches of Kilcunda and Williamsons. The results were positive where salmon had been taken to the 2kg mark that were caught on white bait and poppers. The odd flathead had also been bagged which made the effort well worthwhile and hopefully the good fishing will continue.

Inverloch: The rugged conditions have proved very trying but when there has been a lapse there have been encouraging results.  Tony Habrieson and a mate decided to try their luck and put in off the Inverloch Jetty on a day that wasn’t too bad if not a bit on the breezy side.  They headed town towards the entrance past the bathing boxes and in fairly short time they had an impressive bag of salmon that were to the 1kg mark along with flathead and silvers that seemed to take a liking to white bait and small strips of pilchards. There have also been good reports from the snags where whiting silvers and perch have been caught on a variety of baits. The best results have been when the flow has been slow on both sides of the tide.  When conditions have allowed a visit has been worthwhile up as far as Mahers Landing. This is where there have been salmon being bagged to the 1kg mark on whitebait.  Whiting are in reasonable numbers but they are not as plentiful as silvers, salmon and flathead. Having said that, the run in tide has been the best time to try your luck.

Shallow Inlet: A visit to this part of the world would be worth the effort where flathead, silvers, mullet and a few whiting have been making an appearance. Andrew Starrett who runs the local caravan park says that the water temperature is still a bit on the chilly side with the green shade indicating something around the 13-degree mark. However, a trek down to his part of the world would not be wasted. Just before this report was submitted, Jamie Cordiner and a mate decided to try their luck and headed down towards the entrance.  They arrived about half way down the run off tide and in short time had a very nice mixed bag of salmon and silvers that were all taken on whitebait.

Port Welshpool: There have not been many positive reports coming from this part of the world but outside the entrance near Cliffy Island there have been a few good bags of flathead and gummies making the effort worth wile. Back in closer behind the breakers at Venus Bay there have been good bags that continue to put a smile on the faces of anglers where tiger flathead and to a lesser extent, duskies are being caught just beyond the breakers. When conditions have allowed there has been a bit of activity off the jetties where mullet, silvers, flathead and squid have been making up quite reasonable bags.  The best results have been on the run in tide at the eastern end of the structure and it is just that little more comfortable if you have an arm chair but don’t leave it unattended.  The reasons are two fold with the first being that although they are light and comfortable, they can be blown into the water with the least of an excuse.  The other is that they can be directly under the flight path of a large sea bird just before disposing of a rather large meal.

Port Albert: There have been reasonable numbers of flathead being bagged just inside the entrance which is good news as far as boaters are concerned.  They are mainly of the tiger species as well as a sprinkling of duskies.
Outside the entrance there have also been good numbers of gummies around 1.5kg making an appearance as well as an occasional snapper. At this time of year the large reds start to show up for some reason and no one is complaining.
The jetties opposite the hotel are still worth a visit where salmon, silver, mullet and squid are making the effort worthwhile.

Lakes Entrance: Eastern Beach and Barrier Landing have salmon striking silver lures. Trevally, bream and a few luderick are active around the town jetties. Try sandworm and peeled prawn.

Lake Tyers: Bream and flathead are being caught between Devils Hole and Nowa Nowa, using soft plastics, prawn and sandworm.

Mitchell River: Windy conditions have kept fishermen away, but some hardy souls have been rewarded with bream and the odd estuary perch at The Cut. Best bait is prawn, sandworm and shrimp.

Tambo River: Bream are biting from Sardine Flat to Punthouse Point, on prawn and squidgees.

Nicholson: Pear Tree and the Swimming Hole are producing bream on sandworm, prawn and mussel.

Metung: Large bream have been landed in Lake King, using prawn and pipi. Flathead are around Shaving Point, taking soft plastics.

Paynesville: Resides Jetty on Raymond Island has been good for bream around sunset using sandworm. Some gummies and a seven giller have been taken off the surf.

Hollands Landing: Good size bream are biting in Toms Creek on sandworm, prawn and crab.

Marlo: Plenty of bream, luderick, mullet and a few estuary perch have been taken at Bream Point and around the islands. Best bait is sandworm and prawn. Salmon and tailor can be found at the entrance and the beaches.

Bemm River: Large bream and flathead have been caught in the lake, using peeled prawn and vibes.
The surf is good for salmon on metal lures.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on snafu1@dcsi.net.au or 5672 3474. Good luck and Tightlines.

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