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By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

If you were lucky enough to be out fishing in Cleeland Bight around 6am on Saturday morning you might not have been doing too well on the fishing front but the scenery was well worth the effort. There was three orcas playing in the channel and there were a few lucky people that were able to see them.  One of the lucky ones was James from the Newhaven Supermarket who was fishing in his boat when they heard a splashing noise and on looking around saw what they thought to be a couple of pilot whales, which is not uncommon. To their surprise the big dorsal fins appeared and they realized it was the not so common orcas slapping in the water; then in what turned out to be an added bonus, one of them started breaching coming completely out of the water.


The weather wasn’t quite as good this week and reports were a bit slower but there were still plenty of fish caught. The snapper haven’t really fired up in big numbers caught yet but there are some big numbers appearing on sounders. The catches and the soundings are coming from many corners of the bay but the best of them are still coming from the area around Spit Point. As is the case with most seasons, the early snapper are frustrating and hard work. Many of customers are still telling me they are spending a lot of time on the water for only a couple of fish. While the quality of the snapper are good it can be a long time between bites and often the fish resemble more of a flathead bite rather than a snapper.  The majority of the snapper reported were around the 5kg mark and I did get a couple of reports of smaller fish from the Corals. Apart from Corinella area the odd reports came from Rhyll, mostly the Rhyll hole or off Observation Point. Snapper were also reported from land based this week with two coming from San Remo Jetty and three more from Newhaven.

The San Remo ones came from during the day while the Newhaven ones were caught very early morning. Although none were actually weighed, from the photos and approximate measurements they looked to be 3kg to 4kg.  Like the boat caught snapper, fresh squid was the best of the baits for the land based ones followed closely by pilchard. Snapper snatchers had average effect in the Corinella area but worked extremely well at Rhyll for some reason – maybe it had something to do with smaller fish at Rhyll. Reports of calamari have slowed down a bit but there aren’t quite as many fishing for them at the moment with the snapper starting. Not being able to drift for them with so many boats around isn’t helping either and is reflected in the reports with some of the better ones coming from my kayak customers. White jigs are still one of the better colours in the artificial jigs and the better quality ones are starting to stand out with the water cleaning up. Other colours are working and having a variety of colours and jigs around 3.0 or 3.5 is the best way to go.

There were some very good reports of flathead from offshore this week in both size and type with tigers making up about 50 per cent of those caught. Most of the reports came from 40m to 45m of water with those reporting them from in closer telling me they were smaller and mostly sandys. The other reports from offshore were mostly of couta but there were a couple of gummies and pinkies. If you’re someone who normally fishes in the bay and are heading off shore don’t forget to have all the correct safety gear you need as I see the police boat go past most weekends and the last thing you want is a fine and an early halt to fishing. Several whiting reports came in during the week and over the weekend with the size of fish very mixed and unlike this time last season plenty of undersized ones.  Cleeland Bight was good when you weren’t catching couta but when the couta were around the whiting seemed to disappear. The best place was on the Rhyll side of the Top Light and Reef Island. Several calamari were also reported from those smart enough to put out a squid jig while fishing for whiting.

Web_xdtight2Tightlines by King George

EARLIER in the week there was not much activity as far as fishing was concerned but when the weather gods smiled that all changed and there were smiles all round. As a result there was some very good fish caught, which included very good numbers of flathead.


Rod Phillips of Inverloch and family have recently returned from a trip to the west coast. Rod decided to take his grandson seven-year-old Brandon and grand daughter Melissa to try their luck off the Busselton Jetty which is about 1.5km long and rebuilt after burning down. Naturally it is a favourite fishing spot and Brandon says that it is the best spot between Perth, Dunsborough and Margaret River. He backs this up with a very nice leather jacket that he caught off the structure and would love to go back and do it all again.

Wonthaggi Angling Club: The club held its monthly completion last Sunday with 42 members and visitors at the weigh-in. President Peter Clarke thanked them for their attendance welcomed them. Long time supporter of the club, Inverloch Marine who was also thanked by Peter, sponsored the event. For once the day was perfect for fishing and as a result there were good bags of fish weighed in. Winner of the senior male section was Jules Tiziani with a whiting that dragged the scales down to the 615 mark for 1722 points. The junior male section winner was Hunter Tiziani also with a whiting of 480gms which earned him 1344 points. The veteran’s section was won by Alan Bentick with a 520gms whiting for 1465 points which was caught at San Remo. Earlier in the day with Graham Gray they decided to try their luck for the monthly competition and managed a couple of very nice bream. There have been other positive reports from this area where it seems that Bass yabbies and crabs have been among the best baits.


Inverloch: The situation remains positive in this part of the world where there have been quite good numbers of gummies and flathead being caught out wide. For those who know where to look there have been quality whiting, silvers and garfish being taken on a variety of baits. Inside the entrance mullet and salmon are in good numbers with best results being at low water on both sides of the tide. Although the water has been a bit on the dirty side a visit to the area would be worthwhile. Bass yabbies, whitebait and pipis seem to be the best of the presentations. Mahers Landing is always worth a visit where mullet, silvers, flathead and the occasional whiting have been bagged in quite reasonable numbers. The jetty is undergoing renovations but the ramp can still be used. The short term pain will be replaced with long term gain and hopefully this will be evident shortly in the passage of time.

Shallow Inlet: Salmon have arrived on tune and will stick around for some time as they usually do each year. They are taking a mixture of artificial lures and natural baits. There are also plenty of quality silvers and as reported last week whiting are also being caught making a trip to the area worth the effort. Karen Starrett who runs the local caravan park with husband Andrew says the fishing is picking up with the water temperature slowly starting to rise, but still on the chilly side. Karen said a visiting crew of three, which included grandfather and grandson had a very good outing last Sunday. They caught around 25 fish between them, which included a mixture of whiting, salmon, silvers, and mullet, making for a very good day and will be back to try for a repeat performance. Karen and Andrew would appreciate any photos, old and new of fish caught in the area as they are in the process of setting up a notice board. Basically it is for bragging rights, which is fair enough, and there should be no shortage of that, as we all know Shallow Inlet is renowned for its great fishing.?

Port Welshpool: This part of the world is coming out of its traditional slumber as far as fishing is concerned. There have been some spells when boaters can venture out wide in the open water and good size flathead are being caught along with salmon and gummy sharks. There haven’t been any reports of whiting inside the entrance but there have been silvers, flathead and mullet and the occasional gummy shark, which is good news. There was a late report from the boat storage where some reasonable size snapper had been caught at the entrance over the weekend. The jetty has been worth a visit where the run in tide has been the best time to try your luck. Salmon, silvers, flathead and mullet are being caught along with squid. There had also been salmon bagged near the Long Jetty with the temperature slowly on the rise. Unfortunately an east wind came up which did not do anything for the fishing and even though it was not much more than a breeze it was enough to bring things to a halt. There are still plenty of those useless skunk sharks, which indicate that the water temperature is still on the chilly side.

Surf: Early last week, Ray Millman and Dieter Lugg arrived at Jan Juc after trying several other beaches without success. The tide was rising and Australian salmon were on the bite. The hot bite lasted for an hour or so after which time they filleted some of the salmon they caught to use as bait through the evening and into the night. After dark, all that their baits tempted initially were draught board shark and skate, but then Dieter caught a nice gummy shark of about 6 kg at around 9pm toward the top of the tide. Not to be outdone, Ray returned to the beach at Jan Juc at around 10pm on Saturday night to catch the last of the incoming tide but found sand crabs mauling his baits of filleted salmon. Never the less he persisted, and at around 1.30am on Sunday morning he caught a gummy shark of just on 12kg. Thanks to Geoff Wilson for this report.

Lakes Entrance: Salmon are active on incoming tide around Rigby Island and Flagstaff Jetty. Local town jetties have luderick, trevally and juvenile salmon. Best baits are prawn and pilchard.

Lake Tyers: Cherry Tree and Burnt Bridge have bream and flathead cruising about. Devils Hole is worth a look.  Best baits are soft plastics, pilchards and prawn.


Mitchell River: Bream are about from Clues Bluff, heading towards the mouth of the river and on into Tambo Bay. Bait of choice is peeled prawn and worm.

Nicholson: Bream are on the go from Thumb Point back towards the Railway Bridge. Also try the cliffs and the straight six. Best bait being prawn and plastics.

Metung: The Boardwalk is producing juvenile bream. Flathead to 61cm are being caught in Lake King mainly on pilchards. There are also plenty of birds and dolphins working the water.


Paynesville: Newlands Arm and into the straights for bream, hitting on soft plastics and pilchard fillets. The surf is producing good size salmon where best of the baits seem to be trevally fillets.

Hollands Landing: Bream are on the go from Bull Point, into Jones Bay and on into Toms Creek. Best baits are worm and prawn.


Marlo: The surf is producing gummies and salmon. Best bait is pilchard and squid.?

Brodribb River and Honeymoon Island is producing a mixed bag of fish. Best bait is soft plastics, peeled prawn, pipi and pilchard.


Bemm River: Soft plastics and sandworm are producing best results for bream, trevally and tailor.  Try The Point where there are fairly good numbers of luderick putting a smile on faces of anglers. Tamboon Inlet: From Shallow Lagoon and down to Mud Point is the best area for salmon and tailor. Successful presentations seem to be metal lures, soft plastics and pilchards.?

Mallacoota: Salmon being taken from the surf are hitting on metal lures.


Keep the fishing info coming to King George on snafu1@dcsi.net.au or 5672 3474. Good Luck and Tightlines.

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