Web_Fond-farwellThe decision by both the Bass Coast CEO and his deputy the Corporate Services Director to retire after many years in their jobs is very good news for Bass Coast ratepayers. These two individuals have no doubt tried hard and given their best over their years of service but in recent years their best has not been good enough and it is time to bring in new blood with new ideas to freshen up a stale and moribund administration. The old style local government management style of town clerks has long gone in most municipalities and it is long overdue to be gone here in Bass Coast.

What a pity the new management will have to put up with such an incompetent bunch of councillors. Cr Drew’s statement reported in the press that the retiring Corporate Services Director had never delivered a budget that wasn’t in surplus must rate as one of the most financially naïve statements ever uttered by a local politician.  Of course that was the case councillor because if you examined the books you would see that for years the council has overtaxed ratepayers each year and then underspent its budget – easy to do when you are a monopoly business. Cr Drew’s statement however was upstaged by the ‘Mayor’s Message’ which gave us the boring box and dice about how difficult the process was going to be to fill the shoes of the departing duo.  If it needs everyone including the Municipal Association of Victoria and an outside recruitment agency to do the job then why don’t we go the whole hog and do what the ALP are doing and let us all have a vote on the new CEO? Now there’s an idea!

Charles Farquhar, Cape Woolamai