Web_Football-NetballCREDIT where credit is due. Last week we had a crack at alcohol-fuelled bad behaviour at the football, mostly as a pre-emptive strike against that sort of anti-social activity at last Saturday’s Alberton Football-Netball League Grand Final. But we needn’t have been concerned. The crowd behaviour was exemplary on Saturday and it was an absolute pleasure to stand out and soak up the atmosphere of what was a celebration of family sport in the local community. That’s not to say some people didn’t enjoy a drink. They did.

But it was consumed in a carnival atmosphere and not one person was caught drink-driving on the way home. Well done to all. Of course there were a couple of exceptions and police were quickly on to the problem and the two people who over did it are likely to be charged with being drunk and disorderly as a result. In such a large crowd, you’ll take that result every time. A couple of people remarked that the excitement around the senior game never reached expected heights, with Kilcunda-Bass in charge throughout, so that might have kept anxiety levels in check but whatever it was, the result was a good one. And much of the credit should go to the organisers who made sure there was plenty of food and drink on both sides of the ground and the venue was in top condition for the event. Also on a positive note, the various coaches, especially the junior coaches, and all of the junior teams should be congratulated for the spirit in which they played the game and then spoke about it afterwards.

Certainly you want to win but there should also be a sense of achievement in finishing the year on the big stage, win or lose, after all the effort that has gone into the year. Grandstand? The Wonthaggi venue generally came up trumps on the day and the shire deserves praise for the work they have put in on the oval but one thing that the event did expose was the lack of a suitable grandstand at the ground in the event of rain. Even the small town of Foster has a fine undercover seating area at its oval and it’s high time the shire and users of the Wonthaggi Recreation Reserve turned their attention to developing some all-weather spectator seating at the venue. Wasting money on exorbitant shire wages when there’s important works and services to be done around the shire, like a pool on Phillip Island and a grandstand at Wonthaggi, is an issue that needs to be tackled by this new council and they can start by insisting that their new CEO delivers the ‘efficiency gains’ that everyone in the community is looking for from its shire administration.