Web_G163713By Gav Ross

RATHER than create another piss-take tour guide video of Wonthaggi and its landmarks, local supermarket employees Nick Poole and Nathan Ware decided to do something completely different. Inspired by soap opera melodrama, the duo, both 19, thought they’d have a crack at concocting their own weekly serial. The result is ‘Tears of the Heart’ – a 10-episode comedy series currently being released weekly on video-sharing website Youtube. It’s a far cry from their ‘Places in the world: Wonthaggi’ clips, both of which went viral in the past few years, but it’s also more creative and, amazingly, a lot funnier.

Whilst he doesn’t admit to being a regular viewer of soapies, Nathan says he’s fascinated with the ridiculous nature of their endings. “I always seem to catch the end of shows like ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ or ‘Home and Away’,” he muses. “And it’s always the same old thing; there’s a crime committed or someone dies and then they come back.” Nathan and Nick thought they’d make the core crisis in their own drama a little more realistic; something everyone can relate to. “We wanted it to be about something simple – a cup of coffee,” Nathan says. The first episode presents a harrowing predicament many of us encounter but few like to face. And it’s best left unspoiled. Opening with plain credits accompanied by a bombastic score reminiscent of a Ridley Scott epic, the first episode of ‘Tears of the Heart’ is, in the words of the Youtube description, a “heart stopping drama series about two everyday teenagers trying to cope with the never-ending struggle that is everyday life.” Every two-minute-or-so episode ends with a nail-biting cliff-hanger – each more intense and life-altering than the last – accompanied by an ominous voiceover.

And, like all fine dramas, it keeps the viewer intrigued. Five episodes have been uploaded thus far, and by the time you get to the end of the latest which, without spoiling too much, relates to a ‘biscuit dilemma’, you’ll be left begging for more. Both lads say they’ve received positive feedback from friends and family who’ve seen the series, but that’s not what drives them to get the camera out. “We just do it because it’s fun,” Nick says. “It’s gotta be fun otherwise we wouldn’t do it.” The boys play themselves in the production, partly for dramatic effect and partly because it’s, well, easier. “We couldn’t really be bothered thinking of characters,” Nick laughs. So far, Tears of the Heart has a very small cast: Nathan, Nick, and one very, very empty condiment jar. But the boys say they’re not averse to throwing another character into the mix. After all, someone needs to hold the camera when both actors interact in the same scene. The biggest difference between Nick and Nathan’s latest project and their two previously-released Wonthaggi clips is that it’s simply more mature. Putting skills he learned in high school media class into practice, Nathan and his cohort create tension using quick cuts, unique point-of-view shots and a multitude of creative angles. To get your fix, type ‘Tears of the Heart Coffee’ into Youtube, or visit the Facebook page ‘Nick and Nathan Productions’, where episodes are uploaded as soon as they’re ready.