TWeb_Overly-omissionhe letter last week, ‘Councillor clarifies’ by Cr Crugnale, on the subject of inundation overlays under Bass Coast Planning Scheme Amendment C82, is timely. The C82 inundation overlay maps that were an attachment to the Agenda documentation for the August 21 Ordinary Meeting of Council are dated June 18, 2013.

On June 19 at the Ordinary Meeting of Council it was resolved, in a very close vote, to proceed with a planning scheme Amendment known as C132 concerning low lying land, and the golf course, east of Cowes. Cr Crugnale (and two other councillors) correctly voted against advancing Amendment C132 to a Planning Panel. It was the casting vote of the Mayor that advanced the Amendment to a Panel – with all the implications thereof. It now transpires that map no. 28 of the C82 inundation overlay maps shows the subject land for C132 being dissected by an inundation level. Despite being dated June 18, 2013 the relevant inundation overlay map (no. 28) was never presented by council staff at the three-day Panel Hearing for Amendment C132 on July 31, August 1 and 2.

Other submitters to the Panel Hearing had no way of knowing of the existence of the overlay maps until August 21 – well after the Panel Hearing had closed. The Panel for Amendment C132 will now produce a Report for Council, without being made aware of the inundation information contained in map 28. Bass Coast Shire councillors will then have to respond to that panel report, mindful now of the serious omission by council staff at the Panel Hearing of the important and relevant inundation information contained in map 28.

Maurice Schinkel, Cowes.