Web_PotholeThe lack of maintenance of the Bass Highway is such that it poses a real danger to the lives of those who regularly travel its length.  The increasing number, size and depth of potholes and general road surface deterioration demands both remedial action to fix these serious flaws and also that questions be asked of, and answered by government ministers, local politicians and bureaucrats regarding how it is that this appalling situation has been allowed to develop.

With any state or national infrastructure it is common practice for there to be a rolling schedule of maintenance and upkeep. Despite this having been the accepted norm for generations, and regardless of which major party or coalition has held the levers of power, it now seems that maintaining major highways in this area of the state is no longer deemed a priority. Within two months the number of vehicles on this particular highway will increase several fold as Melbournians, keen to holiday within the environs of BCSC, swell the area. The burning question is, how will a highway that is currently so poorly maintained, cope with the extra traffic that will be evident from late December through February?

Yesterday I rang the office of my lower house member of the State Parliament regarding this issue. I was informed that he had recently written to a senior member of VicRoads regarding the general issue of road maintenance.  I put it to the MP’s assistant, that the time for letters had well and truly passed and that what was required was action.  All politicians, whether they be backbenchers, ministers, premiers or the Speaker of the House, have the necessary access to those in treasury to constantly and forthrightly be putting the case for adequate funding of issues such as road maintenance.

I would argue that, other than responding to specific constituent concerns, the most pressing responsibility of a MP is ensuring that the area they represent receives adequate funding to service all high maintenance issues. As we, the taxpaying public of the constituency of Bass, feel every bump along the length of the Bass Highway, we ought to be asking ourselves ‘are we receiving our fair share from Spring Street?’ Based on my count of the ever increasing number of road ‘scars’ and the lack of workers seen working to fix them I believe we are being seriously dudded.
Stephen Gough, Coronet Bay