Web_Service-clubsThe residents of the Department of Human Services Unit Complex between Stewart and Wilson Avenues, Inverloch, who are involved in the community garden, would like to publicly express our gratitude and joy to the Inverloch Lions and Rotary clubs. Our journey began with getting advice from Heather Carroll, who owns the Blue Pig Gallery Wonthaggi, on how to present our proposal to the clubs. Both Lions and Rotary were unanimous in accepting the plan presented as one of their projects.

Our vegetable garden with adjacent chicken coop has been financially backed and physically manifested through the joint efforts of these wonderful community clubs. The garden is being formally opened at 2pm, Sunday, September 15. We hope that this venture increases the involvement of our fellow residents as we provide ourselves with fresh vegies, herbs, berries and eggs, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, having fun and enjoying each other’s company. The Lions Club and Rotary are continually busy supporting community projects. They invite persons who are wanting to participate in making dreams come true to join their respective clubs. To join Lions contact Ken on 0418 371 616 and to join Rotary contact Ross on 0407 343 451. We again sincerely thank all of you and wish that all your endeavours be blessed and your generosity be returned a hundredfold.

Elizabeth McIntosh, Inverloch.