Web_tony-winsWhat a farce. A whole election circus, misinforming the people, pitched by Rupert, for the benefit of Rupert? Was such blatant character assassination of Labor just to protect his jewels, Fox, Sky etc etc, from competition. Is Labor’s 21st century NBN such a big threat to his products? Must we tolerate last century internet performance per Coalition’s non-NBN? Does this subversion, to prevent competition, by Rupert, make democracy irrelevant? Doesn’t this make him a security threat?

Inevitably, job cuts and economic contraction will eventually cause enough social unrest for Rupert to swap sides, to pull strings on the other side of two-party preferred. Then Labor will prostrate themselves at the feet of the great man, until the next flip. Doesn’t this amount to autocracy? The election didn’t deliver a mandate to scrap the carbon tax. It was lost in so much other bare knuckle scrapping. The biggest single result is scrapping the NBN to protect the mighty Rupert Murdoch from competition.

Bernie McComb, Cowes.