Web_j013713MUD is set to fly once again on the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit as Tough Mudder returns this weekend for its third event at the venue.  Preliminary registration figures reveal a record-breaking percentage of females will tackle the course, with women making up nearly 40 per cent of the field – a figure that would see the organisation’s highest female participation globally to date.  Drew Ward, managing director of Tough Mudder Australasia, said he was thrilled to see Victorian women sign up in unprecedented numbers for this event.

“They’re definitely sending a message out to Australia and the rest of the world that they’re not scared of a challenge. They’re not put off by a bit of mud and that they’re probably the toughest chicks on the planet,” Ward said. “We’re excited about returning to Melbourne for another event at the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit this year – easily one of the most spectacular backdrops to any of our events around the world.”  More than 10,000 Victorians have already signed up for the 20km endurance challenge, which features a series of military-style obstacles, including three-metre-high walls, mud pits, ice baths and a field of live wires containing up to 10,000 volts of electricity. Wonthaggi sisters Andrea and Danielle Crestani will be among the growing crowd of females to tackle the obstacle course.  The sisters have been in training as they prepare for what will be their second Tough Mudder challenge.  “We are doing it because we didn’t learn our lesson last time. I think it’s fantastic that so many women are doing it – so they should,” Andrea said. “You get to do all the stuff you loved doing as a kid like climbing things and playing in the mud, it’s great.”

Andrea and Danielle are tackling the course as part of a group, the Globo Gym Purple Cobras, along with their younger brother Dean.  “This time will be a heap of fun doing it with our brother,” Danielle said. “We like the challenge of it and wanted to go back and do the obstacles that we couldn’t do last time. We know what to expect now.” While some participants are drawn to the physical challenge, others sign up for Tough Mudder events because, unlike other endurance events, it’s not about who’s first past the finish line.  A Tough Mudder event is not a race – it’s a team challenge. Teamwork and camaraderie are at the heart of the Tough Mudder experience as some obstacles are virtually impossible to complete as an individual.  For more information, visit www.toughmudder.com.au