Web_xjGrandDesigns1_4213A RECENTLY constructed Inverloch home was the feature property on the LifeStyle Channel’s program, Grand Designs Australia, last week. The Inverloch ‘Sand Dune House’, located along the Inverloch-Cape Paterson Road, belongs to Glen and Kate Morris and was constructed by local builder, Martin Builders.  The home has caught the attention of many a people who travel the coastal route, unmistakable with its space-ship like appearance.

Dave Martin from Martin Builders said the house took 14 months to construct and was finished late last year.  “It has come up really well. The whole project was a great one to be involved with and it was a real team effort,” Dave said.  “It offered a heap of different challenges. We had plans to work off but making them work on site is a different story sometimes. It was a matter of getting what the architect and owners envisaged on paper and actually making it work on site – it was a very technical project.  “There were a lot of technical details and also a lot of the structure was left exposed. It wasn’t like conventional framing where you can frame and then it gets covered with plaster – from the word go pretty much everything was going to be seen once it was finished so there was a lot of care and thought and time taken to make sure we were getting a good finish.”

Crews from the TV show were on the site just prior to the site clearing and visited regularly throughout the 14 month build and again once it was completed. “It was definitely unique with the filming. I didn’t know what to expect, what was going to actually happen on site, how it would impact the cost and the amount of time the guys would be spending on site filming,” Dave said. “But it was good. There were only three guys on site and they were fantastic to work in with and really nice fellas as well.” Grand Designs Australia’s resident architecture expert, David Hallet from Archicentre, was full of praise for the Inverloch home.  “The Inverloch ‘barchan dune’ house is a precious treasure… a glinting, glistening artefact that speaks volumes about its coastal location,” Hallet said. “Inspired by nature and the surrounding landscape, the house owes its existence to a holy trinity of architectural vision, construction excellence and client commitment.

The collaborative spirit – and camaraderie – evident between everyone involved in this three-way union demonstrates clearly how a dream can be realised. “Special praise must be reserved for the builder and his team whose attention to detail and obvious passion for their craft have realised an extraordinarily complex building. “The workmanship evident in the timber ring-beam, the panelled lining, the metalwork and the joinery is quite beautiful. “Glen and Kate also deserve our great respect for having the courage to trust their instincts and enable something special to happen.”

The home is truly unique according to the expert.  “Clearly designed from the outside in, it nestles into the landscape, protecting its inhabitants from the elements as a sea-shell protects the tiny creatures that make it home,” Hallet said.  “Internally, the simplicity of forms, natural materials and muted palette create a tranquil sanctuary that nurtures and nourishes those within. Externally, the building’s sturdy carapace shields the interior from the extremes of the local climate and keeps the outside world away. “Ultimately, the success of this building can be measured by the pleasure it brings. Glen and Kate are clearly besotted by their new home… by its connection with the environment, by the comfort it provides and by the haven it offers that – quite simply – make it a joy to live in.” The Inverloch Sand Dune House was featured in Episode 1, Season 4 of Grand Designs Australia. The episode is scheduled to be replayed on Wednesday night at 9.30pm on the LifeStyle Channel.