Web_enoughWho is going to put up their hand and take responsibility for the abysmal, pathetic and dangerous state of our local roads? Enough of “not our responsibility” excuses or handballing it to the next level.

Will it take somebody being killed before “somebody” finally recognises that our roads are poorly maintained? Even when they are “repaired”, the botch job on it is worse than before! Is anybody going to put their hand up and compensate me for the lost hub caps, flat spotted rims, two front end wheel alignments and two front tyres that scrubbed out in less than 12 months? As for that pathetic excuse for a road between Anderson and San Remo, time is running out!

It should have been easily completed before winter and actually the first month was sunny and warm, remember!
Now more money down the drain with all the work needed to repair it before it can be sealed. What a joke… GP weekend approaching and the 100,000-odd tourists traveling to the island have to experience that embarrassing section of road. Fed up!
Tim Smith, Phillip Island.