Lochaccident_4413The Loch CFA Road Accident Rescue Team didn’t have to go far to respond to this accident at the main intersection in Loch on Monday morning, October 28. Bass Coast Highway Patrol officers, Ambulance Victoria and CFA personnel go about their work assisting the elderly couple who sustained minor injuries in the collision.

CHARGES are likely to be laid after a Warragul man in his 30s caused a serious collision on the South Gippsland Highway at Loch yesterday, Monday, October 28, following which an elderly couple from Meeniyan were taken to hospital with minor injuries. According to police, the man was driving a dual-cab, Hilux work ute when he crossed the highway in front of a blue Mitsubishi Magna sedan, being driven by the Meeniyan woman and her male passenger. “It appears as if the man driving the Hilux has entered the intersection from Loch-Poowong Road, gone around behind another vehicle and into the path of the Magna,” said Senior Constable Allan Piening of the Bass Coast Highway Patrol. “As to why he has done that, I couldn’t say at this point. “The ute has South Australian number plates but it is operated by a Warragul firm and that’s the direction we believe the man was coming from,” S/C Piening said. The driver of the ute was shaken but unharmed and his car suffered only minor damage while the front of the Magna sustained significant damage. He was, however, checked by Ambulance Victoria paramedics at the scene. Both the elderly man and the female driver were placed on stretchers by ambulance crews and conveyed to hospital for treatment and observation. Regular attendees at road accidents in the South Gippsland area, the Loch CFA’s road rescue unit, didn’t have far to go to assist at the scene of this accident which took place at Loch’s main intersection on the South Gippsland Highway. As well as Loch’s road rescue unit, the Loch CFA tanker also turned out along with Poowong CFA which offered traffic management support while the scene was cleared. Upwards of three police units and two ambulances also attended. The incident is believed to have taken place at 8am. Police said it was fortunate that no one was seriously injured. Both lanes of the highway were kept open during the accident response. The road was clear, visibility good and the weather dry. Driver error is believed to have been the cause of the collision.