Web_xdpoolochcrickWELCOME to the world of the travelling cricketer; Cameron Oliver arrived Thursday for a season with the Poowong-Loch Cricket Club.  The club has joined a growing list of LDCA clubs giving overseas players the opportunity to experience cricket in a foreign country. Cameron Oliver is an impressive and athletic 21 year-old from Durham UK.

The well-presented and equally well-credentialed aspiring cricketer carries the hopes of Poowong-Loch for season 2013/14.  In England, Cameron lives just two minutes up the road from Chester Le Street in Durham, the venue of the recent fourth Ashes Test match. He tells of the honour of being chosen as a nets bowler for both the Australian and MCC teams.  He plays for Gateshead Fell CC which is one grade below county level.  Local cricketers may remember Nick Speak who played for Durham, Dandenong and OMK. Cameron has settled in well thanks to the groundwork done by the Poowong-Loch leadership team of Matt Loader, Alex Dixon and Adam Fisher.

Jointly they negotiated a modest deal, collected him from Tullamarine, organised accommodation and wheels and introduced him to 22 teammates at training last Thursday night. In between Saturday matches, Cam will do some cricket coaching, the Loch Primary to be one of the first schools to benefit, do some bar work at San Remo, and is available for other opportunities as they become available. Cameron’s parents have accompanied him to Loch.  Stuart and Shirley are staying with Sybil Leris at the Royal Hotel until Round 3. Poowong Loch was narrowly defeated in Saturday’s opening match with Cameron taking 1/31.