Web_G104013EXTREME weather conditions on Thursday and across the weekend have given the Wonthaggi SES their busiest period in over 12 months.  Works included damage to property, including to the Wonthaggi CBD, along with a host of other troubles including fallen trees across the district.  Joe Borg from the Wonthaggi SES said the crew had only just caught up on jobs on Monday afternoon.  “We are up to scratch just now, but now we have to catch up on two days of paperwork,” Joe said.  “We were extremely busy on Thursday and Friday and were back out into it on Saturday.  It’s the busiest period we have had since June last year.”

The Wonthaggi SES crew attended 53 call outs on Thursday, catching up on another seven during clearer and calmer conditions on Friday.  The crew were kept at it over the weekend with 10 jobs on Saturday and another three yesterday (Monday).  “If anyone does have any problems make sure you call 132 500 and we will attend to it as soon as possible,” Joe said. There is no rest for the team with more wind and rain expected tomorrow.