xwoolamaiPhillip Island Boardriders Club has been an ongoing ‘small project’ since its beginning in 1964. I find the remarks of Mr Bawden offensive to those who have worked to create a club that exists for the benefit of its members. The PIBC has been self-supporting since its inception. Jeanette Powell commented that Councillor discretionary funds are unnecessarily risky, I would say life is risky. Cr Wright made the decision to allocate funds to the PIBC as he has a close association with the club and how it works. He has chosen to stand by that decision. Perhaps it would be a good idea for the Government Investigations Compliance watchdog committee, the Minister for Local Government, The Bass Coast Council, the Director of Corporate Services, CEO Alan Bawden, and Michael Giles of the Sentinel Times to attend an awards presentation after a competition to see the look of absolute delight and pride on the faces of the kids when their names are read out. It is not all about winning it is about kids (and adults) enjoying and participating in sport, in a safe and supportive environment. The entire community benefits from the social and physical development of young people. How is this a mistake? We seem to be drowning in process and protocols, let’s not drown our children. Bob Matthews, Life Member PIBC