gippslandsouthernGippsland Health Service Chairman David Harvey welcomed two new ‘Life Governors’ on to the organisation’s honour roll at last week’s annual general meeting; Ilene ‘Wizzy’ Wisdom for her volunteer work, especially in palliative care for more than 25 years and Dean Cashin for his work as a member of the health service’s audit committee.

GIPPSLAND Southern Health Service, which operates hospitals and aged care facilities, mainly in Korumburra and Leongatha, has recorded an operating surplus for the 2012-13 financial year of $1.92 million.
The headline figure was released at the organisation’s annual general meeting last Thursday, November 28.
It follows on from a $1.74 million surplus last year.
This year’s surplus was claimed to be a significant achievement by the health service’s chairman, David Harvey, coming as it does while building a new $32 million campus at Leongatha.
“We are in a strong financial position, stronger than we could reasonably have expected to be in at the start of the build.”
However it was left to the health service’s treasurer, Peter Siggins, to present the organisation’s financial report for the year just passed.
“The operating surplus was $1.92 million, excluding capital funding and other items. It’s the figure required by the Department and excludes such things as depreciation,” Mr Siggins said.
“We reached this operating position whilst also exceeding our targets for inpatient activity by 1.7 per cent.”
Mr Siggins said the hospital retained adequate reserves, believed to be in the order of $6 million despite contributing more than $12 million to the new hospital project.
He predicted this financial year would be another big one for the organisation with the new Commonwealth Government Health Reforms to be introduced from July 1, 2014.
“With the new Leongatha Hospital project completed we can look forward to the benefits it will bring the community in the years ahead.”
Mr Harvey’s own remarks concentrated mainly on the new hospital project noting that it was the culmination of many years of planning.
He thanked all associated with the project, especially the staff who put up with the disruption with a good grace.
“I had the opportunity to walk through the old building once the move had been made and it indicated to me what a fantastic job our staff had done providing an excellent service in a building that was frankly terrible.
Mr Harvey declared the hospital’s strategic plan substantially completed, saying it was time to look forward to a new strategic plan and a new set of priorities for the health service.
These, he said, could include:
* Making the hospital work to its optimal level
* Engaging closer with the community
* Development of home based care services
* Developing Integrated Primary Care Centres at Korumburra and Leongatha
* A better relationship with Korumburra and Leongatha medical groups
* Better services to the expanding, western end of the South Gippsland Shire