Kudos to the many users of the rail trails in Gippsland from the coast to the hills and between.bike-riding-small
The friendliness and courtesy shown by walkers, with or without dogs, joggers, horse riders and cyclists makes the sharing of these great trails an absolute pleasure for young and old alike.
We can enthusiastically recommend them to all visitors to the region and, indeed, visitors who do use them love them as we do!
However, there is a section which needs some comment.
The roughness across the entire surface between Kilcunda and Anderson is bone shattering to cyclists, cannot be very comfortable to walk and is unimaginable for a small child valiantly pedalling a small bike behind Mum or Dad.
It is caused by hoof prints embedding deeply into the gravel and setting like concrete.
In the good spirit of the trails, riders should leave a smooth path on one side of the trail – the trail is quite wide and this consideration is simply recognition of other users.