AppallingI attended the Bass Coast Shire Council meeting on Wednesday, December 11 at Cowes and was totally appalled and dismayed at the proceedings.
The attitude of all councillors except one left a lot to be desired.
I was under the assumption the council worked for the people, and that they were approachable, would treat people asking questions with common courtesy and equal respect, but boy, was I wrong!
What gives them the right to be condescending, and speak down to the people, let alone not answer the questions that were asked?
Their tactics of avoiding answering were blatantly unethical and not very clever.
The issue of dogs on beaches in Inverloch is highly emotive, so I thought they would have been smarter in the way they handled themselves to try to minimise the tension.
I really am appalled to think people actually voted these people in, and that they are paid to act the way they do.
The number of people who put up their hand to ask questions who were intentionally ignored were many.
Many people have written to the council but have not received a reply, or any correspondence in return. This also shocked me.
Some were present at this meeting asking why. It’s not very effective or efficient on the council’s behalf.
It was a farce. It was like watching a staged response, protecting their position.
I wonder whether these people actually live in the real world.
People skills are definitely lacking, so is data, and facts, which could not be produced when asked for.
I think the council has now lit the match, and this protest will now become more powerful.
I have been going to the beach five to seven days a week for 13 years.
Dogs are not the problem, people are. Litter, bottles cans, clothes, towels, food, people degrading vegetation, the crows who pick up baby birds, destroy eggs, and small critters.
In the past two months I have seen 22 foxes on the beach, crossing the main beach road, heading into the Ti-tree, plus five cats.
Also, I would like to add, in 13 years there has also been human faeces on many occasions on the beach, no toilets and no bins.
I fully support the being allowed to walk your dog on a lead at the beach.
Please consider the local residents, especially the aged, the visitors and holidaymakers and their loved dogs.
Jenni Tuddin, Inverloch.