dogs3It seems the Bass Coast Shire admin and one of its councillors, Cr Jordan Crugnale, aren’t singing from the same hymn sheet when it comes to the dog ban on Inverloch beaches.
Bass Coast Shire response:
“Your posting on Facebook of this morning (“confusion reigns supreme…”) requires a correction on a couple of points.
“First, the trial for …dogs off-leash areas and restrictions to dogs on the Inverloch beaches was established through an order under the Domestic Animal Act. The order has been passed by Council and Gazetted. As such, it is in place unless revoked by a decision of Council. However, in the initial stages, rangers are educating people rather than fining them.
“Individual Councillors do not have the power to make or alter Council decisions. This power vests on the Council as a decision-making body. We have had lots of community feedback, so the matter will again be discussed at the next Council meeting. She stated that she would be putting up a motion to amend the times for the restrictions for dogs on the beach.
“It is important to also point out that the trial also introduced four new off-leash areas in Inverloch, two beach and two inland. These areas did not exist before and were set up in response to feedback from dog owners who were keen to have areas where they could exercise their dogs off-leash. This very positive initiative has been lost in the debate about dogs on the beach.”
Confusion still reigns supreme!