dogonleashMore confusion on the Inverloch dog ban:
* Bass Coast CEO Allan Bawden went on Gippsland ABC Radio this morning and concontradicted what Cr Crugnale said yesterday about the dog ban being “on hold”. It’s not on hold, he says. In fact the law has been gazetted. Dogs are still banned from all Inverloch beaches between 8am and 8pm.
* But Mr Bawden added to the confusion by saying there are beaches wh…ere you can take your dogs, indicating there is an alternative between 8am and 8pm – there isn’t.
* Dog owners can have their dogs off-leash at two places: between Grandview Grove and Cuttriss Street (along The Esplanade) and between Abbott St and Ramsay Boulevard but only before 8am and after 8pm.
* Mr Bawden was clearly trying to make a joke when he also said that Inverloch dog owners have more hours to use their beaches than other dog owners in other towns. He neglected to point out that while other towns have time during the day and a curfew overnight, all of the ‘extra’ hours at Inverloch are overnight. So if you want to walk your dog on the beach at 2am – go right ahead!