Earlier this week I was very pleased to announce an historic new partnership between the Victorian Coalition Government and Dairy Australia committed-to-dairyaimed at boosting the productivity of the dairy sector.
The $40 million research and development partnership will see DEPI and Dairy Australia each contributing $4 million a year for five years, to fund additional research targeted at increasing the productivity and international competitiveness of the state’s dairy industry.
In 30 years, Victoria’s dairy industry doubled its production levels while using the same amount of cows and less grazing land. This research will take that even further.
Six additional world-class scientists will be employed to undertake the work at DEPI in Ellinbank, including finding new ways to improve feeding systems, lifting reproductive performance in our herds and increasing soil productivity.
For example, our researchers will develop new and improved feeding systems to maximise this potential and enable industry to increase production without always needing to increase herd sizes.
The Coalition Government has a strong focus on helping the state’s farmers to increase their productivity and profitability, and this major research partnership will help to achieve the goal of doubling the state’s food and fibre production by 2030.
We are funding this additional dairy research as part of the Growing Food and Fibre initiative, which is providing an additional $125 million for research and development to boost on-farm productivity.
Peter Walsh MLA, Minister Agriculture and Food Security.