Yes, that will be the headline after the end of January when the holiday makers leave in their droves to return home.
Mind you, I wonder how many won’t even come now that they can’t walk their dogs on our beaches as their families have done for so many years.
Did Cr Crugnale even think of the impact her ludicrous new time restrictions would have on the local businesses?
Almost all of our cafes and restaurants allow dogs with their owners in their outside areas, the evidence of water bowls placed out for dogs truly reflects that Inverloch is a dog friendly town.
To make these restrictions in the first place is absurd but to make it from December 1 to April 30 is just insane.
The busiest time for ‘families’ to flock to the beach is between Boxing Day and the end of January.
From February to April our beaches will be deserted during the day if these ridiculous rulings stay in force.
Cr Crugnale, in her letter to the Sentinel-Times on November 19, sites safety for everyone. Is it safe for elderly residents to have to walk their dogs in the dark? In April, 8pm after daylight savings ends will be pitch black on the beach, not to mention some having to drive in the dark to get there. Many older people do not like driving at night.
What is safe is for dogs on beaches to be on lead, as is the current requirement.
Responsible dog owners will always do the correct thing and the minority who are being irresponsible are the ones the council rangers should be targeting.
boxer_dog_running_at_the_beach-otherI walk my dog everyday on the beach and 99 per cent of the time after the holidays the only other people I see are people with dogs, 99 per cent of these people also say hello to each other, a truly social activity, not to mention the health benefits.
I cannot count the number of times during the busy summer months that I am approached by adults and children asking if they can pat my dog whilst I am walking, a request I am happy to oblige with and at the same time I can use this interaction as an opportunity to reinforce the importance of how to act around dogs, something many schools now program for.
I can only assume Cr Crugnale has never owned a dog or has had some bad personal experience that is influencing her decisions and comments.
She also comments on the hooded plovers. Dogs on lead do not pose a risk to their nests.
I suggest she now also orders a cull on Magpies frequenting the beach as they may steal the eggs and while she’s at it, perhaps she should ban children running around and enjoying themselves – they can do far more damage than a well-controlled dog.
I believe a councillor’s job is to listen to the people who voted them in and from the noises in the local community, I think she may well have to either change her mind or rethink her position on council.
Judith Strachan, Inverloch.