As Christmas approaches, it is important that we as a community ensure it is a time of celebration not devastation by driving responsibly on ourdesignate-your-driver roads.
We know that alcohol will be a factor in many people’s festivities, just as we know that a quarter of all road fatalities involve drivers or riders who are above the legal alcohol limit.
I urge you all to consider this fact before getting behind the wheel, or leave the driving to a designated driver if you know your night will involve alcohol.
The TAC has developed Designated Driver Vouchers to help people make the right decision. If you want to help a loved one get home safely from their work break-up or Christmas barbecue or New Year’s celebration, gift them a voucher and pledge your services as a designated driver.
It could be the best Christmas present you’ll ever give them.
You can download the vouchers at or share them with friends from the TAC’s Facebook page.
I wish you all a happy and safe Christmas – let’s all drive safely into
Janet Dore, CEO, Transport Accident Commission.