ecovillage-interest-growingCape Paterson resident and local building designer Tad Hendry was one of the first to secure a home site at the Ecovillage. Tad is excited to design his own house whilst sticking to the Ecovillage’s guidelines for energy efficiency. He met Ecovillage director Brendan Condon, right, back in 2003 when the project was first proposed. “I remember sitting in front of Brendan at a public meeting, hearing him talk passionately about energy efficiency, solar panels and open space living,” Tad remarked. “I just thought it was a fantastic idea from the very start.”

TIME is running out to secure your preferred home site at the Cape Paterson Ecovillage, with the ground-breaking housing project now being advertised state-wide.
Setting a new standard in sustainable living and construction, the long-awaited project was officially launched last September and was advertised in South Gippsland first to give locals a chance to jump on board.
In the past week, word about the Ecovillage has begun to spread further, with ads now appearing on Melbourne radio station 3AW and other major media outlets.
Ecovillage director Brendan Condon said weekends at the on-site sales and information centre on Seaward Drive have been “very busy” in the past month.
And with holidayers swamping Cape Paterson and surrounds for the next few weeks, it’s only going to get busier.
“In excess of 300 people have passed through our sales centre recently,” Brendan said.
“Stage 1 and 2 are now marked out for viewing and the first 11 home sites from Stage 1 have been secured.”
The Ecovillage website has received a complete overhaul and it relaunched last week, complete with a stunning short film highlighting the beauty of living by the coast in unique homes with unparalleled 7.5-star energy rating.
Visitors to the site will now also be able to see the locations of future sports facilities, a community garden and café.
“Over 50 per cent of the Ecovillage will be open space, including walking tracks, parks, wetlands and habitat,” Brendan added.
“We think this project will break records for the amount of open space.”
The Cape Paterson Ecovillage is comprised of 219 lots.
Conventional housing estates on similar-sized land would traditionally be developed with close to 500 lots.
All homes in the Ecovillage will include a 2.5-kilowatt solar energy system and 10,000 litres of rainwater storage.
And best of all, there’s flexibility in design.
While there are a number of fantastic building designs to choose from, buyers are welcome to work with local builders and designers to customise their own home.
Meeting all of the Ecovillage’s design guidelines, each customised home will still be as energy-efficient as every other house on site.
Affordable land starting at just $202,500 is still available, but be quick!
The Ecovillage Sales and Information Centre is now open at the Ecovillage site on Seaward Drive, Cape Paterson between 2pm and 4pm every Saturday and Sunday.
To book an appointment to visit at another time, call 1800 701 471. For more information, visit