333555-wonthaggi-desalination-plant(picture – HeraldSun.com.au)

In recent news, Bass MP Ken Smith says, after years as an opponent, he might now be a fan of Wonthaggi Desalination Plant.
While trying to make up his mind, let’s point out that he really should find a use for such a monster, in moth balls, doing nothing but export $860M/year cash to France.
Before mainstream media circus rolls on completely away from disastrous typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, there’s a chance for the State Government to contribute to foreign aid, to make up for Federal Government aid cuts.
In a disaster like this, a major problem is drinking water. What they desperately need is help with water purification equipment.
Some people seem to think Wonthaggi desal is a single monument-ous plant. In practice, because the process requires very high pressure, 100Bar/1500psi, it consists of a huge number of not so large reverse osmosis filter modules, no less than 55,000.
Considering Ken is an ex-plumber, he’s surely the ideal person to organise working bees, for us all to turn up with angle grinders, to remove some of the 55,000 filters, so they can be shipped to the Philippines where they can do some good.
Simultaneously, it’s such a waste to see this facility reduced to no purpose, especially when the French are not even paying any rates to the local shire.
One significant asset is the underground electricity power line.
If this is not feeding any dirty electrical power from the grid, since electricity can flow in both directions along copper cables, how about constructing a wind farm on this site, so that it can feed clean energy back into the grid?
What does Ken Smith think about these, or does he have any other ideas of his own, about any possible positive outcome from the desal plant?
Bernie McComb, Cowes.