Paige Thompson prepares for a big throw of the discus in the under eight girls competition.leongatha-little-aths-take-on-states-best

LEONGATHA Little Athletics Club is holding its final competition meeting on Saturday before the Christmas break, with a revised format to account for a visitor due to sprint in from the North Pole.
A special presentation will also be made to the up-and-coming On Trackers, who have completed their extensive program and will be invited to join the regular competition when the club returns in the New Year.
Two teams from the club competed in state relay championships at Albert Park last weekend, with the under nine Boys Mitchell Bath, Jacob McRae, Xavier Bolge and Tyler Richards and Under 10 Girls Georgia Burns, Lily Caithness, Meagan Stothart and Rebecca McKeown putting in fine performances against the state’s top athletes.
The under nine Boys placed fourth in their 4x200m heat and eighth in their medley relay (2x100m, 1x200m and 1x400m) heat, while the under 10 girls finished fifth in their 4x200m heat.
Thank you to all parent helpers and supporters who travelled with the relay teams and assisted with team management and other tasks.
Last Saturday’s competition meeting at the velodrome oval brought more centre records for Melisse Bath – making it her fourth record in as many weeks – and Chloe Giliam, who has set two records over the past fortnight.
Melisse set a new benchmark in the under six girls 60m hurdles, passing through the electronic timing gates in 15.67 seconds to break Abby Forrester’s 15.81sec record set in 2007.
In the same event, under 7 girls Chloe clocked a time of 14.05sec to break Emma Birrell’s 2011 record of 14.54sec.
Among more than 150 personal best performances last weekend, Taine Lowe (U7B) and Charlie Carew (U8B) achieved PBs in every event in which they competed, while Isabella Shone (U12G) was also a shining light on the track and field with five PBs from six events.

The club’s Christmas raffle will also be drawn on Saturday, with everyone reminded to please return tickets and money before the meet gets underway at 9:20am.
Further tickets can also be purchased.

PBs recorded last meeting were as follows:

U6 Boys: C Oloughlin: 100m, vortex, high jump; N Wright: 100m, high jump, 60m hurdles.
U6 Girls: T Crimp: 60m hurdles; M Bath: 60m hurdles, vortex.
U7 Boys: T Lowe: vortex, high jump, 60m hurdles, 100m; M Croatto: high jump, 60m hurdles; R Nettle: vortex.
U7 Girls: L Giles: 100m, 60m hurdles; M Carmody: 60m hurdles; P Collins: high jump, 60m hurdles; C Giliam: 100m, 60m hurdles, high jump; A Condoluci: 60m hurdles.
U8 Boys: B Dollard-Weston: 400m, 60m hurdles, discus; T Roberts: 60m hurdles, 100m, discus, long jump; S Carmody: long jump, discus, 400m; B Hillis: long jump; J Fixter: 400m, 60m hurdles, discus; S Mackie: 400m, 60m hurdles; H Livingstone: discus, 60m hurdles, 100m; B Nettle: discus, 60m hurdles, long jump, 100m; C Carew: 100m, 400m, discus, long jump, 60m hurdles; J Donohue 400m, 100m, 60m hurdles, discus.
U8 Girls: M Mackay: long jump, discus, 400m; P Thompson: long jump, 400m; P Barry: 60m hurdles, long jump; S Cruickshank: discus; N Wight: discus, 400m, 100m; M Herbert: long jump, 100m, 60m hurdles; E O’Neill: long jump, 60m hurdles, discus.
U9 Boys: H Herbert: 400m, triple jump, 60m hurdles; D Shone: triple jump.
U9 Girls: N Crimp: shot-put, discus, 60m hurdles; C Nesci: shot-put, discus, 60m hurdles; E Snell: shot-put, discus, 60m hurdles.
U10 Boys: M Mancarella: javelin, triple jump.
U10 Girls: B Roy: javelin, triple jump; B Fisher: 400m, triple jump; A Ritchie: 400m, 100m, triple jump; C Burns: 400m, triple jump, 60m hurdles, javelin; E Cornell: javelin; K Donohue: triple jump, javelin.
U11 Boys: J Wrigley: triple jump; C Riseley: 1500m walk, triple jump; J Wright: triple jump; R Giliam: triple jump.
U11 Girls: C Allen: 1500m walk, long jump, 60m hurdles; N Martin: long jump; M Giles: 1500m walk, 400m; A Crimp: 100m; E Bath: 60m hurdles, long jump, 100m; T Falkingham: 400m, 60m hurdles.
U12 Boys: C Roy: long jump; S Cross: long jump; A Ritchie: 60m hurdles, long jump; D Sturtevant: long jump.
U12 Girls: C Martin: shot-put, 400m; M Cruickshank: 60m hurdles, 400m, 100m; E Lyons: 60m hurdles; C Standfield: 400m; I Shone: shot-put, 60m hurdles, 400m, 100m, high jump; E James: shot-put, 100m; A Mancarella: high jump, 60m hurdles, 400m.
U13 Boys: J Alba: 100m, long jump.
U13 Girls: S Allen: 60m hurdles; R Martin: 400m, 100m; H Wight: 60m hurdles, 400m, discus; L Riseley: 60m hurdles.
U14 Girls: N Allen: 60m Hurdle; A Wrigley: discus; J McJames-Court: discus.
U15 Boys: J Norton: discus, long jump.