library-editors-letterEditor Nathan Johnston

THE Bass Coast Shire Council hasn’t enjoyed a great month or two for various reasons (Phillip Island waste problems, Pioneer Bay road, Graham Street special charge scheme, Cape Paterson special charge proposal, etc, etc, etc).

And of course, let’s not forget the debacle over the new dogs-on-beaches laws, especially at Inverloch where local business operators and dog owners alike are absolutely ropeable about the outcome.

But allow us to give the council two massive thumbs up for the new library in Wonthaggi.
The town outgrew its library at the old Post Office site many years ago. Everyone knew that, including the council.
But there was little council could do due to extenuating circumstances.
The State Government has long promised the relocation of the Wonthaggi Secondary College’s McBride Campus to the ‘proposed’ Education Precinct in McKenzie Street.
The relocation is to make way for a grand new civic centre worth tens of millions of dollars and will one day include a library.
But the council and community could be waiting for another 10 years or more for that, so the new library in Murray Street is just a temporary measure.
The term ‘temporary measure’, though, does not do this facility justice. It’s a brilliant example of working within the means available for a great result for the community.
Rather than thinking mind-blowingly grand, this is a practical solution that won’t break the budget, hopefully.
Phillip Islanders will no doubt now be wishing for a similar piece of lateral thinking when it comes to the shire’s aquatic facilities.