Bass-highway-lettersSo they finally sealed the divided highway from Bass up to the anonymous (how about naming it Bawden?) roundabout.
News is that folks in Wonthaggi don’t like it because it might direct too many people to Phillip Island.
At busy times, is this likely to happen?
For Islanders, looks like it’s been done so burghers of Wonny will be able to cruise through Anderson without being slowed down by Island grid lock.
Previously, traffic came up the old road and separated a little on the hill, then a little more after turning towards San Remo on 100km/h two-way road.
In busy times, it was start-stop motoring but at least you could see a little progress.
Imagine divided highway traffic, full speed, then two lanes, stopped dead, back to Bass and more!
Of course, for those who know, seeing gridlock up the hill, we’ll go the old way to Anderson to be able to jump the queue at the new roundabout. But it sure is going to be a worry.
D’you reckon, to keep the peace, anybody has thought of a kiddies playground and/or ice cream van on the median strip?
Possibly the new road will serve a purpose for people getting off the Island after a big weekend.
But 99.9 per cent of the rest of the year has never needed it. Why are our leaders obsessed with big projects, almost Soviet style? Why not fix potholes elsewhere?
And now work is being done on the footpath, alongside the 100km/h stretch to San Remo, alongside the road-ragers. What a place for a footpath? How long will it take before VicRoads are persuaded to make the stretch to San Remo into divided highway? Where will they put it? Over the top of the footpath, of course.
More, bigger, faster, better roads are such a big deal for LibNats, State and Federal. This makes it so much easier for more people to go day tripping. Hey Wonthaggi folks, if you want so many cars just milling around, please just put a great big sign where you want them to turn your way – you’re welcome to them!
Bernie McComb, Cowes.