new-push-to-save-pioneer-bay-roadLEADBEATER Ward councillor Clare Le Serve will push to have the controversial decision that will see Kallay Drive in Pioneer Bay turned back into an unsealed road reversed at tomorrow’s council meeting in Cowes.
Cr Le Serve told the Sentinel-Times last week that she intends to bring up the issue during the ‘urgent business’ section of the meeting.
In August, a motion was passed regarding the future management of roads treated with a dust suppressant seal last decade, which was to result in both Kallay Drive and Tulloch Street in Dalyston being returned to gravel roads.
At the time, Cr Phil Wright successfully argued that parts of The Esplanade in Surf Beach and Sunderland Bay – which were recommended by shire officers to be partially ripped up – should be left off the list until a transport study for Phillip Island is completed.
Cr Le Serve now wants Kallay Drive added to the exclusion list.
“The original decision was based on risk and the advice of engineers,” she said.
“Given the community has voiced their concerns, I’m happy to take those on board and I’ll be bringing it up at the next meeting.”
While Cr Le Serve did not attend a shire-facilitated public meeting about the matter, held at Grantville on November 26, she says she did speak to concerned residents at a Pioneer Bay Recreation Reserve committee meeting soon after.
“The ultimate thing for Pioneer Bay is to get a special charge scheme,” she continued.
“All other roads in Pioneer Bay are a disgrace as well, and they need to be considered.”
Pioneer Bay is third on the council’s 10-year roads priority list for special charge schemes, with a decision for Cape Paterson still pending and Sunset Strip coming second.
While special charge schemes often turn into another debate altogether, several Kallay Drive property owners have told the Sentinel-Times they would welcome such a project, even though they would be fitting a large portion of the bill.
Cr Le Serve’s comments came just one day after Flinders MP Greg Hunt sent a letter to Bass Coast CEO Allan Bawden, asking for the council to reconsider its decision to return Kallay Drive to an unsealed surface.
“The road is important for community safety and wellbeing and should be maintained,” Mr Hunt wrote.
“Many new homes have been built on the street since it was temporarily sealed and residents have expressed to me their concerns about the impact of an unmade road on children walking to and from the school bus, as well as the impact of traffic.”
Further in the letter, Mr Hunt states that he understands Kallay Drive is on the priority list to be permanently sealed in the future, but that the project could be as far as five years away.
“As this is the main access road to the township, I strongly urge the council to consider replacing the temporary seal on the road until a time when it can be permanently sealed,” he wrote.
At the recent public meeting, the council’s infrastructure maintenance manager, Jamie Sutherland, said resealing Kallay Drive again with a similar dust suppressant seal would be like “painting over rotten weatherboards”.
The council meeting at the Cowes Culture Centre tomorrow afternoon starts at 5pm.