Yorkshire Terrier full body looking outdoorsI would like to congratulate Cr Crugnale for acting decisively following feedback from the recent survey that asked the people of Inverloch how they wanted the problem of dogs “managed” in our community.
On many occasions in the wetland area close to our home, we have seen dogs unleashed so they can freely chase the ducks, swamp hens, egrets and kangaroos – the owners unconcerned by the mayhem caused.
Also, simply walking along the sand dunes next to the foreshore camping ground has long been fraught with the dangers of stepping in dog mess and for every dog being walked on a leash in Inverloch you will find one that is unleashed and free to wander into and foul people’s front gardens.
Whilst this review has been welcomed, a priority should also be given to more effectively policing the current regulations as many dog owners have failed to demonstrate that they can act responsibly and seem to show a complete contempt for the existing rules.
Steve Carter, Inverloch.