poor-roads-a-desal-legacyAfter driving past the new truck stop at the Mouth of Powlett intersection recently, I wonder at the priorities of our road planners.
Much time and money has been lavished on this structure, yet the highway surface near the Kilcunda cemetery is rapidly falling apart.
Our community was promised that our roads would be reinstated properly after the desal plant was built – in fact Aquasure was crowing that “some of the largest loads in Victoria’s history were transported along the Bass Highway”.
This has worn out our main road, along with the recent wet weather, and has resulted in a very dangerous situation, especially with hordes of visitors about to travel along this road in coming weeks.
Peter Ryan was very critical of the Desal project whilst in opposition, along with Ken Smith. They need to urgently speak with the roads minister and work out why our road surfaces have not been properly rebuilt.
Aquasure also needs to address this issue, one of many which have obviously been quietly shuffled into the too-hard basket, along with many other community concerns.
I sincerely hope our highway is properly reinstated before tragic accidents occur.

Mark Robertson, President, Watershed Victoria.