roads-a-joke-lettersVicRoads and its contractors have given us plenty of warning regarding future road works to take place in the main street of Korumburra.
According to the electronic sign on the South Gippsland Highway near Warragul Road that was installed last week, the work will happen between November 11 and 18!
I guess that’s about what we can expect as when you report a road hazard to VicRoads it usually takes forever before anything happens, if it happens at all.
I have been asking for a sign and vegetation to be moved that prevents good vision when entering the South Gippsland Highway from the Loch Poowong Road for more than three years.
If driving a heavy vehicle that is slow to get moving, the situation can be quite dangerous. VicRoads and its contractor agree it needs attention but still no action.
And what about these stupid little overtaking lanes at intersections? For example, turning from the South Gippsland highway when travelling in a Melbourne-bound direction into Ruby.
If you have a few vehicles behind you, the second vehicle may have difficulty seeing that you are turning and need to take last minute evasive action.
Then you have the situation where you are going straight ahead so use the left lane only to find some clown thinks it’s an overtaking lane and tries to overtake you, only to get to the end of it side by side.
What brilliant engineer came up with this penny pinching, paint saving idea. Why not simply paint a protected turning lane.
I could go on and on about the wire cables along the side of the roads in some locations where I’m sure you’d be better of running of into a paddock in preference to bouncing back into oncoming traffic. I can’t help but wonder if the cable supplier is related to some politician!
PS: The sign has now been corrected to indicate the work will take place in December.
Dale Osmond, Korumburra.