walking-dogs-on-beachSince retiring to Inverloch over five years ago, one of my greatest pleasures is when one or more of my grandchildren ask to come with me when I take the dog for its daily one hour walk along the beach.
I am under no illusions, I know that the main reason my younger grandchildren want to come with me is the opportunity to take control of my well behaved dog and to get their feet in the water, not for Grandad’s company.
Fortunately, as they get older, my grandchildren have continued to come with me and I have enjoyed many long conversations about my life and theirs, generally during school holidays.
With Christmas holidays approaching, I wonder if one of the councillors who voted to deny me this simple pleasure would like to write and explain to my nine year old granddaughter, why Grandad is no longer allowed to share this time with her.
Keith Finney, Inverloch.