special-visit-for-wonthaggis-littlest-athletesThe Wonthaggi Little Althletics Club celebrated their final meet of the year with a special visit from Santa.

THE last meet before Christmas was a fun morning with Santa showing up to hand out icy-poles to our athletes.
Unfortunately only a small group of athletes performed on the day but they recorded 75 personal bests.
Saher Biggs and Jai Williamson (U9B) both obtained four out of five possible PBs, Gypsi Schmidt (U7G), Luke Nicholson (U13B), Ryan Gray (U9B), and Tess Wingfield and Maya Fraser (U9G) all recorded three PBs.
Congratulations to Tegan Lowe (U16G) who once again broke a record in the 300m hurdles, clocking 1:03.47.
Remember to get your registrations in for the Regionals as soon as possible.
Registrations need to be done online.
We hope everyone has a safe and happy Christmas break and we look forward to seeing you at our next meet on January 25.
Winners for each age group this week:
U6G: Jaelah Milkins, discus; Riahn Hawthorne, 400m.
U6B: Jimmy O’Neill, discus, 400m.
U7G: Baia Pugh, shot put, discus, 400m, 100m, 60m hurdles.
U7B: Archie Terlich, shot put, discus, 60m hurdles; Jesse Dugard, 100m, 400m.
U8G: Olivia Bramley, 400m, 100m, 60m hurdles, high jump; Zara Scouller, discus.
U8B: Xavier Lindsay, high jump, discus, 60m hurdles, 400m, 100m.
U9G: Tevuro Ihomana Montgomery, long jump, 60m hurdles, 100m; Maya Fraser 800m, shot put.
U9B: Jai Williamson, long jump, 800m, 60m hurdles; Saher Biggs, shot put, 100m.
U10G: Alicia Smith, 400m, discus, triple jump; Jordane Dobson, 200m, 60m hurdles.
U10B: Angus Blight, discus; Matthew Nicolson, triple jump, 60m hurdles; Jacob Timmermans, 200m, 400m.
U11G: Zara Hooper, javelin; Harriet Fallaw, 1500m; Nicola Slade, high jump, 60m hurdles, 70m.
U11B: Onni Joma, javelin, 1500m, high jump, 70m, 60m hurdles .
U12G: Lanni Pryor, discus, long jump, 800m, 60m hurdles; Emma Graham, 100m.
U12B: Cooper Smith, discus, long jump, 100m; Jarrod Anderson, 800m, 60m hurdles.
U13G: Cassandra Fallaw, 200m, 1500m, 300m hurdles, triple jump, shot put.
U13B: Luke Nicolson, 1500m, 300m hurdles, 200m; Cooper Wagner, triple jump, shot put .
U14G: Bridget Lowe, 200m, 300m hurdles, discus, long jump, 800m.
U14B: Brodie Anderson, 200m, 300m hurdles, discus, long jump, 800m.
U15G: Daisy Filippi, discus, 800m; Georgia Filippi, 300m hurdles, 200m, long jump.
U16G: Tegan Lowe, 300m hurdles, discus, 800m, long jump, 200m.
U16B: Ethan Slade, 300m hurdles, discus, 800m, 200m; Samuel Peters, long jump.