Leongatha’s Mark Taranto reeled in this 49kg Mako Shark off Welshpool on Saturday. After nick-naming himself ‘Sharkie’ some time tightlines-17-12-2013back, Mark lived up to his name after 20 minutes of fighting to get the catch in the boat along with mate Troy Harris.

The water temperature is slowly rising which is good news and the fish are responding in kind with positive reports indicating better times ahead.


Landbased anglers continue to be having a great time especially just inside the entrance and up as far as Pensioners Corner. The huge numbers of mullet continue and they seem to be everywhere to the 38cm mark.
Whiting are also in very good numbers along with silvers and salmon which are putting a smile on the faces of boaters and landbased anglers.

Wonthaggi Angling Club:

The club held the monthly competition last Sunday with the weigh-in being at the clubrooms.
President Peter Clarke welcomed the 100 plus visitors along and Father Christmas also paid a visit with goodies for the kids both young and old. Peter thanked everyone who had supported the club over the year and looked forward to their continued support.
Fish of the month was whiting.
The winner of the senior male section was, for the first time shared by Graham Gray and Robert Thompson with a whiting each that weighed in at 605gms for 3388 points.
The junior male section was won by Ben Robertson with a 528gm whiting for 2940 points.
The senior female section was won by Lyn Marshall with a 880gm silver trevally for 1760 points.
The junior female section winner was Tahia Sharpels with a 470gm perch for 940 points.
The veterans section was won by Alan Bentick with a 690gm whiting for 3864 points.
The next competition will be on Sunday, January 19 where fish of the month will be flathead.

Shallow Inlet:

The good fishing continues as to be expected in this part of the world.
Whiting are in very good numbers and are being caught on both sides of low water.
Silvers are also making the effort worthwhile and when hooked up test both angler and equipment.
Good size flathead are also being caught on a variety of presentation while mullet and salmon seem to be everywhere which is another reason to wet a line.
Gummies have also been caught where they have been approaching the two-metre mark with pilchards and fresh fish fillets such as mullet being very successful.

Port Albert:

The good fishing continues to improve, as do the conditions, which is great news.
Britney at the General Store says that the jetty has been going very well with a very good variety such as flathead, silvers, garfish and mullet being bagged.
A good indication of how the fish are biting can be gauged by the numbers that are being weighed at the General Store, which has facilities to handle the larger sharks as well as scales for the smaller species of fish.
There was also a 52cm flathead caught through the week which gave one happy angler bragging rights for the week at least.
Boaters have been doing well on the snapper both inside and outside the entrance.
Very good size flathead and gummies are also being caught while mullet and salmon are in very good numbers.


Conditions have been great for this form of fishing and reports indicate that salmon seem to be everywhere.
The torpedo fish have been up to the 3kg mark, which give a great account of themselves when hooked up along with gummies and the occasional flathead.
No particular bait seems to be a standout with whitebait, squid, and fresh pieces among the successful presentations along with surf poppers. Williamsons beach has been very popular not just because of the fish but the car park is just a short walk from the water but make sure that your vehicle is secure and valuables out of sight as there have been reports of thieves being active.

Lakes Entrance:

Flathead, trevally and salmon to 38cm have been landed in Hopeton Channel, using pilchard, prawn and glassies.
The top end of North Arm has some good size ream on the go.

Lake Tyres:

Large flathead are biting around Tern Island and the channel markers, on soft plastics.
Bream and a few tailor have been caught in deep water at Cameron’s Arm, using peeled prawn and metal lures.

Mitchell River:

Bream are making their way upstream from Grassy Bank, taking sandworm, crab and prawn.
Estuary perch can be had at both bridges after dark. Green hard bodied lures and plastics are producing fish.

Tambo River:

The Poplars area has bream being landed on sandworm and peeled prawn.


Bream are active around the Swimming Hole and Little Cliffs. Best bait is prawn and shrimp.


The Boardwalk has been good for bream and a few flathead, using soft plastics and peeled prawn.


Some large tailor has been taken in the Campbell Channel, on trolled metal lures. Bream and mullet are still in the strait.

Hollands Landing:

Bream are biting in Toms Creek on prawn and shrimp.


Plenty of bream, luderick and mullet are being caught in the Snowy and Brodribb Rivers.
The surf has tailor and salmon striking metal lures. Flatties, pinkies and gummies are offshore.

Bemm River:

The lake has good size flathead and bream being landed on sandworm, prawn and soft plastics.


Bream, flathead are in the entrance channel.
Soft plastics and prawn are getting results.


The main wharf has salmon and luderick taking bait.
Trevally and flathead to 45cm are in The Narrows and Bottom Lake.
Try soft plastics and pilchard. The Top Lake and Gipsy Point are good for bream on sandworm.


On Saturday night, Ray Millman fished Cosy Corner at Torquay from the low tide at around 9.30pm until the early hours of Sunday morning.
Using octopus tentacle for bait, he had a few good bites but by the time he had taken the rod from the holder, the fish had escaped.
Holding the rod proved more effective and resulted in the capture of three magnificent whiting, all within a whisker of 46cm, a 1.5kg snapper and several smaller pinkies before all went quiet.
Fishing on until the high tide at around 3.30am, Ray hooked what he believes was a decent size shark which stripped nearly all of the line from his reel before biting through the monofilament trace.
Never the less, he fished on for a while and caught a Gummy Shark of 5.5kg.

Corio Bay:

Justin Burns was on the water at 5.30am Saturday and fishing near the edge of the shipping channel at Point Henry where he soon caught the first of six snook which he released.
Also included in Justin’s catch were several small but legal size Australian Salmon.
Mike Windsor of Clifton Springs Boat Hire reports that clients have been taking good numbers of legal size pinkies off Clifton Springs along with the occasional good catch of flathead.
While whiting have been scarce, said Mike, Doug Mitchell caught seven over the weekend, while the most notable catch was an 8kg Snapper taken by Reece Holwell on a soft plastic lure.
Reece was fishing with Robbie Taverna on the drift over the Wilson Spit with the sea anchor out catching salmon on soft plastics when he hooked something on his 4 Berkley gulp and 3.7kg braid that was clearly no salmon.
It was in fact it was an 8kg Snapper of which Reece sent in a photo.
And to prove it was no fluke they caught another three Snapper to 6.5 kg making it a day to remember.
Many thanks to Geoff Wilson for these reports.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on snafu1@dcsi.net.au or 56 734 474. Good Luck and Tightlines.

Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

DESPITE Christmas being just around the corner and the wind during the week not that favourable I have had several good reports this week especially for the number of people fishing.
Most of the reports have come from locals but there are a lot of interstate people visiting families for Christmas and have had the opportunity to take advantage of those small windows in the wind.


With the temperature in the bay still nothing special and in fact dropping a bit since last week, most of the snapper being caught is still showing signs they are yet to spawn.
I have also had several reports during the week of good numbers of pinkies in Cleeland Bight and on The Corals.
Quite a few of the pinkies are just size or under but there are enough of the bigger ones to take home to make it worth putting up with the smaller ones.


The best of the snapper this week came from some of my local customers that headed out straight from work for an hour or so.
The best reported was 78cm with a distance back to second at 60cm, still respectable and will make a good fish for the BBQ Christmas day.
The rest of the snapper reported were all under the 60cm mark and came from a couple of different spots around The Corals.
The only other spot I had reports from was in Cleeland Bight but they were all pinkie size.
There was no consistency to where on The Corals with deep and shallow producing and even a couple of customers picking up a couple shallow then heading to deeper water an hour or so later picking up a couple more.


Whiting reports have continued this week and like the snapper look like getting better towards the holiday period.
For those who do chase pipis you will be glad to hear the price has come down a bit but it’s hard to say how long it will stay down.
I get a lot of comment about pipis and the price of them and what people need to remember is they have been a victim of the trendy food market for the last few years.
The pipis farmers like any other business person was able to take advantage of the higher prices they were being paid for them for food grade ones which had left less for bait.
Now the food market has settled down a bit, several have started to find alternative baits for whiting the market has forced the price down a bit.


The other thing that is important is to make sure if you are going to compare prices be sure you are comparing same with same.
I am by no way saying we are the cheapest but our large bags are at least 1kg or better not the 800 grams others call large bags.
They are also Australian not some imported pipis that is questionable as to whether it should even be allowed to be used in our waters but most importantly we make sure ours are as fresh as can be because we pack them ourselves.


The whiting reported this week while good in number weren’t as consistent in size, having said that several customers told me they were able to bag out with a bit of effort.
There were a few caught in Cleeland Bight, Grollos and the Sand Hill and were good size but very low in numbers with the best of the reports coming from in Dickies Bay and the surrounding area.
Most of the reports again came from the later part of the day but for most of the week was the best of the fishing conditions so probably makes sense.
On the days the wind allowed I did get some reports from during the day with not a lot of difference from the evening reports.


Calamari was also good again this week, not quite the numbers from the jetty of the week before but still plenty reported from during the week. The reports were also good from the boats and kayaks fishing Ventnor and Cleeland Bight with the calamari much bigger than those fishing the jetty.
The bulk of the ones caught on the jetty were either caught just before or just after either tide change or in the evening.
I had a few reports from people, not necessarily fishermen walking on the jetty telling me that they saw schools of up to about 20 swimming past or around the jetty at different times during the day.


If you are on holidays over the Christmas period and want to get an early start we will be closed on Christmas day but reopen at 6am Boxing Day and will then open seven days a week at 6am until the end of January.
Closing time is generally around 5pm but usually much later in the Christmas week.
If you are running a bit late to get here just give us a call at the shop and if possible we will stay open later for you.