Great to see some reasonable conditions that have brought out boaters and land based anglers.
There have been quite encouraging reports and hopefully the good conditions will continue.
The weekend heralded in the start of the summer and brought with it fine conditions.
Hopefully the fishing will continue to improve.

Surf: Salmon continue to be taken in good numbers. There have been pleasing reports from Williamsons Beach as well as Kilcunda.
Wreck Beach has also been productive where flathead, pinkies and whiting have been bagged by land based anglers on the run in tide.

Inverloch: Outside the entrance there have been quality whiting being taken on both sides of the tide.
Gummies are also in fairly good numbers along with snapper and flathead making up impressive bags.
Just behind the breakers at Venus Bay flathead are also being caught, making the long trek worthwhile from the boat ramp.
Back inside the entrance whiting are being caught to the 35cm mark and mullet are still in good numbers and seem to be everywhere.
As has been the case for some time the water is still muddy further up the inlet but the fish don’t seem to mind.
Stevies Gutter is productive as far as silvers, flathead, whiting and perch are concerned.
Mahers Landing always seems to be worth having a look at where boaters and land-based anglers have been happy.
Silvers, luderick, flathead and perch are in good numbers.
Even though there has been a persistent south east wind blowing and making conditions uncomfortable the fish are still having a taste.

Tarwin River: There have been a few reports of silvers being caught around the highway bridge where Bass yabbies and small strips of pilchards along with soft plastic lures have been doing the job.
A few silvers have also been caught along with mullet that seem to be everywhere but no one is complaining.
The run out tide seems to be the best time to wet a line and there have also been reports of eels being taken.
Eels are not everyone’s idea of a meal but they do make great shark bait.

Shallow Inlet: Reports indicate that the water temperature is around the 16 degree mark.
This is good news at last where gummies are being taken in numbers along with flathead, silvers and mullet. Hopefully this will continue.
Boaters are making up most of the anglers but some land based visitors are doing well near the entrance where salmon are in good numbers.

Port Albert: The good fishing continues where the jetty has been very productive as far as land based anglers are concerned.
They have been catching a variety of fish including mullet, silvers, flathead and even the occasional whiting.
The best time has been on the run in tide with baits such as pipis, mussels, squid and silver doing the job.
Boaters are doing well inside the entrance near the blue hole where good size gummies and flathead are making the effort.
Phil Janson runs the local caravan park and says that he is a lucky ma – he asks who else has a wife who tells him to go fishing and not to work?
He has orders to catch a gummy shark as this is the only fish the good lady will eat.
Like an obedient husband, he followed these orders and went out with a mate.
At the end of the day they returned with a very nice mixed bag which included flathead and of course a couple of gummy sharks.
With only a couple, he has another pass to go out fishing when supplies run out.
There are further good reports coming from the general store where Rob Killury, who has his finger on the pulse, says there have been good numbers of flathead, gummy sharks, flathead and whiting.
Rob says that the water temperature is around the 16-degree mark, which is further good news, and maybe those useless skunk sharks will go someplace else over the warmer months.

Lakes Entrance: Rigby Island is producing flathead, salmon and a few gurnard. Pilchard, prawn and metal lures are being effective.
Eastern Beach is good for salmon on poppers and silver lures.

Lake Tyers: Bream to 42cm have been caught in deep water around the channel markers and power lines, using peeled prawn and hard bodied lures.
Flathead are biting at dusk around the mud banks, on soft plastics.

Mitchell River: Eagle Point is still the spot for bream on prawn, sandworm and vibes.
A few flathead have been landed around the mouth of the river.

Tambo River: Bream and flathead have been taken from Three Gums to the mouth, using sandworm and prawn.

Nicholson: Bream to 35cm are biting from the jetty to the Railway Bridge, on peeled prawn.

Metung: Good size bream are active around the jetty, and feeding on local prawn.

Paynesville: Mullet and bream are taking sandworm, around the jetty, and in the strait.

Hollands Landing: The Wood Pile area has bream to 40cm being caught on peeled prawn and sandworm.

Marlo: Fishing has been excellent, with bream, luderick, mullet and estuary perch in good numbers from the entrance to both lakes. Best bait is black crab, sandworm and prawn.
The surf has gummies taking eel and squid at night. Tailor can be caught by trolling in the channel. Bait prawn are appearing.

Tamboon Inlet: The rocks near Shallow Lagoon is the best spot for bream and luderick, on prawn and weed.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on or 5672 3474. Good Luck and Tightlines.

Around The Bay

With Christmas just around the corner and the snapper only just really starting to go on the chew maybe there will be plenty of bigger ones still here for when everybody comes down for the holidays.
There has been a definite pattern this week with the snapper and those who headed out during the day struggled but those who waited until after work caught plenty.
The best fishing by a long way was in the evening and I lost track of how many reports we had from customers bagging out in a very short time.
The size of the fish has dropped a bit and the average now is closer to 4kg with only the odd 5kg or bigger.
There are also plenty around the 2kg to 3kg mark which are the better of the eating fish especially if you are filleting and cooking them in batter.
I would suggest if you are after that bigger barbecue Christmas fish you don’t leave it too late.
The bigger snapper reported this week all came from the deeper channels or holes and a couple were even caught during the day.
The bulk of the snapper caught in the evenings all came from 6m of water and under with some caught in as little as 2.5m between Reef Island and Coronet Bay.
While there was no pattern to the rigs being used the one pattern that did stand out was those using better quality burley did the best.
Unlike shark fishing where you need a decent slick and you tend to put almost anything into the burley pot in the bay, a better quality burley usually pays off and I mean things like pilchards or oily fish cut into reasonably small cubes and thrown over regularly, a weighted burley pot full of pilchards or an oily fish lowered to the bottom or tied to the anchor rope.
Daytime wasn’t a complete waste of time especially if you are someone who chases whiting and there was some excellent quality fish caught.
Although some of the better fish came from the evening like the snapper there were plenty caught during the day.
Daytime meant a bit more travelling to find them and generally it was to find that quiet spot away from the crowd but when you did find then it wasn’t difficult to get a feed.
The best report for the week was a customer who managed a dozen whiting with the smallest 42cm and the biggest 48cm.
The reports came from most corners of the bay with slightly deeper water better for the larger fish.
I still have been getting reports from Reef Island of very small whiting and am now getting regular reports from Tortoise Head.
Calamari reports were much better this week and if you have been to the jetty at San Remo you would have seen all the ink.
There were a couple of nights during the week where lucky anglers almost bagged out with calamari.
There weren’t a lot of bigger ones caught and most were good bait size.
It was the same from the beach although not quite so productive in number and those chasing them in the boats had mixed results with a couple of customers telling me they saw plenty chasing up their jigs but couldn’t get them interested.
There was some good reports of flathead being caught offshore again but the patches of bigger ones are spread thinly amongst hundreds of small ones but it is worth a bit of perseverance.
I have had some good reports from customers catching quality sized flathead in the channel in Cleeland Bight as well on the San Remo side on the edge of the sand bar.
In the bay reports this week also contained plenty of other fish like salmon, rock flathead, mullet, yakkas and the usual stingrays and banjos.
There were plenty of undersized gummies around as usual and although more people are chasing snapper those looking for gummies have found some  decent ones with the best reported this week a couple of 9kg ones.
Most were closer to 4kg and the best spot was around Elizabeth Island and Gardeners Channel.