Jack-Russell-lettersI knew when she got up in the morning and put on her tracksuit and sneakers I was in for a chance of a walk on the beach.
It could have been a tennis day but that’s only once a week. Kitchen tidy, washing out. Yes! She grabs the lead and we are off down the beach.
Just made it before the tide was too high and I don’t have to go on the footpath which is great as I like to leave that for the bike riders, joggers, mums with prams and other people who are constantly using it.
I stop and enjoy digging a few holes for the children making sand castles. They have a giggle and think I am pretty cool. They give me a pat and I am on my way. I get my feet wet in the sea water which I love, and then it’s off to the coffee shop.
They have a cuppa and cake while I get to drink water out of a bucket and get a few pats from strangers (I am pretty cute). We head back along the beach on the way home.
Sometimes there are three of us and sometimes the whole family, even Nanna comes. They talk all the way! I think this fresh air actually does them good! They say hello to lots of people, and I get to meet a lot of nice dogs too!
We wonder along the beach, probably a bit slower on the way home. I love it down here. It does us all good, gets us out and about and they are actually exercising. Amazing! It brightens all our day and makes for a happy home.
PS. I have had a horrible week. They were tired when they got home from work or the tied was too high, so I didn’t get a walk! They said there weren’t as many people walking on the beach this week. Why can’t I walk on the beach now?
It’s my beach too!
What a waste of a chance to walk on Inverloch’s beautiful beach!
Not Happy.
‘Jack Russell’ Brusamarello.