cardinia-shire-expects-lang-lang-to-boomIt mightn’t look like it now, but once the titles to these blocks on the Whitehill Estate at Lang Lang are released soon, new housing on the estate is expected to go ahead quickly.

ASK the locals at Lang Lang and they’re a bit bemused by all this talk about rapid residential development but it’s definitely on its way, according to local real estate agents and the Cardinia Shire Council.
And the day of reckoning for developers, agents, the locals and a shire wishing to stay ahead of growth with appropriate infrastructure, is coming.
“The titles for the Whitehill Estate (along McDonalds Track) will be released in the next few weeks and as soon as that happens, we’ll have people wanting to get started,” said Karen McIntosh of First National Real Estate.
“There’s going to be a couple of display homes built there straightaway and we also have several people waiting to get their titles so they can build.”
There’s 65 allotments in the Whitehill Estate and with the land that’s also set to be released soon in the Gainsborough Estate nearby, Lang Lang locals believe the town is well supplied for residential land.
But not everyone thinks that way.
Karen McIntosh says there’s enough inquiry to suggest that those blocks will be taken up quickly, over the next few years, and more will be needed.
If that’s the case, Lang Lang is going to be quite a different place to live in the next five to 10 years.
“It’s a lovely town, not far out from the city but with a really nice, country feel and I don’t think it is going to be changed by what’s ahead.
“We’re already getting a lot of interest and when the Koo Wee Rup bypass is finished, that’s only going to increase.”
She’s not on her own in thinking that.
In September 2013, the Cardinia Shire completed rezoning land along Westernport Road, between the recreation reserve and the South Gippsland Highway roundabout, where an additional 200-plus blocks are to be opened up.
And there are further sites on the other side of town.
“Personally, I wasn’t convinced that Lang Lang needed this additional land but we’re told that it’s in line to grow and grow strongly,” said local Port Ward Councillor, Cr Graeme Moore, who also happens to be the Mayor this year.
“We see Lang Lang being a busy little residential hub in the future and it’s certainly heading that way.
“They’ve got the sand extraction industry there and some other employers which our other small towns don’t have and it’s in a good location.
“It’s got a lot going for it.
“And we’ve just got to make sure we’re ready to develop the services along with it, especially things like better sporting facilities.
“Long-term we’re going to have to do a lot more for these growing residential areas.”
After Lang Lang, what’s next, even more pressure for growth at Nyora and Poowong?