enough-of-the-sick-jokesIt appears that Bass Coast residents in general and Phillip Island residents in particular are the subjects of a sick VicRoads joke.
I believe I warned of this very issue back in October 2012.
As the new highway and link road opened effectively unrestricted on December 19 – after taking 78 months to lay 16km of dual carriageway in what must be the State of Victoria’s most farcical roads construction project on record, we had a full road closure for five and a half hours within 36 hours of the road opening. Again due to a driver on the wrong side of the road.
Now before people start kicking me for appearing to be a selfish, heartless so and so in light of someone paying the ultimate price for someone else’s error, consider the following:
• Five of the last six fatalities between Sunderland Bay and Bass have involved a vehicle on the wrong side of the road.
• The new Link Road totally disintegrated within eight days of opening due to poor workmanship, poor quality control and no accountability.
• Between Newhaven and Anderson there is no alternative route or detour.
• The condition and dimension of the road between San Remo and Cowes is totally inadequate.
The problem is that if you continue to accept crap, those at the top will continue to feed you crap.
Unfortunately that is now the position we find ourselves in.
Our road system is totally inadequate and that is the root cause of accidents, holdups and excessive wear and tear and damage to vehicles.
Why should we have to sit at the Anderson roundabout for five hours every time some fool can’t adhere to the most basic and vital of road laws?
Why should I need to pay for shock absorbers and front end alignments every six months because the road is a crater ridden, patched up uneven rutted track?
If I have a responsibility to maintain a roadworthy vehicle then the authorities should have a responsibility to maintain a roadworthy road, but they don’t.
So after three phone calls to VicRoads regarding the latest road disintegration on Saturday and my suggestion to “don’t bother sending a crew, ring the contractor who built the road and get him to warrant the crap job he did” we now have a 40km/h speed limit and witches hats to guide us around the worst of it.
How long before they remedy that, six months maybe nine? Current form would suggest so.
How about this: Fix the poor work that you only finished eight days ago you clowns!
Lack of accountability is a cancer that has spread through departments, contractors and even councils with projects such as this.
Why should a lollypop guy be getting paid $70 an hour when the road falls apart within eight days? It’s not on.
This is the sort of excessiveness that is crippling this great country, but that is for another day.
There are a great many locals frustrated by the roads issue, particularly those who regularly travel to Melbourne.
The farce has gone on long enough people, it is time for the system to change and start delivering effective, efficient and accountable outcomes to, in this case, road users.
James Watson, Cape Woolamai