have-kite-surfer-will-travelLocal builder Steve Fisher has traded his interest in other water sports for a kite-surfer finding it easy to travel with and just as exhilarating as surfing or windsurfing, perhaps more so.

ONCE upon a time, the only people you’d see stop at the surf beach to check out the conditions were the surfers and, maybe, the odd surf fishermen.
Nowadays there are all sorts of thrill seekers out there with a wide range of sporting equipment, all looking to tame the elements.
And the surf beach at Inverloch and also Anderson Inlet both offer an attractive array of conditions for water sports enthusiasts.
There’s been a rise in the number of people taking to stand-up paddle board riding for example but the one that’s really caught the eye in Inverloch waters in recent times is kitesurfing.
You can even get lessons in this increasingly popular sport from Go Kite (0428 465 483) at what is fast-becoming a Mecca for the exciting pursuit on the main beach in front of the Big 4 Caravan Park along The Esplanade.
One local who has been caught by the craze is well-known local builder Steve Fisher, previously a keen surfer and wind surfer.
“I used to do more windsurfing but the beauty of these things is they pack up so small for travelling,” said Steve last Sunday after an enjoyable session in strong winds off the Inverloch surf beach and bar.
The board used for kitesurfing is no bigger than a wake board and the parachute-style kite can easily be deflated after use and the synthetic material packed tightly away.
And there are no worries about picking the right conditions locally as the wind always seems to be blowing, or just wait a few hours.
Last weekend, especially after the wind blew up on Saturday afternoon, the sky around the Inverloch foreshore was filled with colourful kites and dare-devil surfers, jumping off waves, taking long rides in the air or dropping in on convenient wave faces.
You’d wonder how they get started again when their kite hits the water but they simply lay back until the kite is filled with wind again and off you go.